Resources for Teachers

Great educational videos and websites!


This website has many resources for a variety of subjects. Check it out and find cool things you can incorporate into your lessons!

I found a link on surfnetkids that is a sesame street website where children can color pictures, play games, and watch videos.

Here is another link I found that has helpful tips for helping children with all kinds of math.

With this website you can create a video to tell a story. If you want a story to come alive and be read to your students this would be a great resource to use! You can also create video games. Students will learn a lot with this project while having fun with it. Below is a pictures of the website.

Remember The Milk

This website will help any teacher stay organized and reminds them of tasks that need to be done. It will help teachers stay on track with each student.

Here are videos that are good resources….

Student Stress

I found this video on Student Tube which is a very helpful site to find informative videos. This certain video is saying how to relive stress and relax in school. I feel like this would be very beneficial to students because a lot of them tend to start feeling stressed when they have a lot of work to do.


Brightstorm has over 3,000 videos to help students learn the subjects they having trouble with. This is a very helpful sight for students. If they need help on their homework they can simply find a video to do so.