Wilson Weekly

Week of October 16th, 2017

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Action Required

  • Rise & Shine - Please make sure you have signed up to host! If not, use the button below to add your class.
  • Dictionaries - Please add your numbers next to your class using the button below.
  • Conference Day Sign-Ins - Please make sure you have turned in your Parent Conference sign-in sheet to Cooper.
  • Science Trainings - Please see the info below from Linda regarding upcoming Science Trainings. Please ensure that each grade level is represented at the Stop, Investigate, & Listen.
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Lice Policy Updates

Everyone's favorite topic... Please see the updates below from Nurse Jill -

On October 6th the health services staff was given new information about recent changes to our lice protocol per recent changes in legislation. This is effective today 10/10/17. Thank you!

-Student’s with live lice only will be sent home from school.

-Student may return with nits but not if live lice are still present upon evaluation/return.

-If live lice are found, siblings will be checked as well and parents notified.

-No classroom head checks will ever be done.

-A notification letter and instructions to take care of the lice will be sent home with that child if not with the mother/father when picked up from school. On Friday, an electronic notification letter will be sent by teachers to all parents in the grade level with the student who was determined to have lice any day of the present week. I will send this letter to you to send out. It will give specific instructions on what the parent should do at that point.

-I will request a cleaning via email to have your room thoroughly cleaned for lice. I typically CC the specific classroom teacher in the email so if you don’t receive an email let me know!

-This has not changed but just a friendly reminder that this is confidential.

-We should always use caution to hopefully prevent lice by not allowing students to share hats, hair accessories, helmets, headphones, etc.

-If you are told by a parent or student that they have lice or have been treated please notify me as I will be the one to determine if grade level letters are to be sent out or not.

Thank you all for becoming familiar with these changes! -Jill

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Upcoming Science Trainings

Please see the info below from Linda-

We have scheduled an introductory GIZMOS training after school from 3:30 - 5:00 pm on October 19th at Brock in Training Room 2. This training is for teachers in grades 3-5 who are new to GIZMOS. The link to register is - https://coppell.schoolobjects.com//wshop/default.aspx?cid=9033

Also remember that our Stop, Investigate, and Listen professional learning sessions are scheduled for October 24th from 4:00 - 5:00 pm at CCE. Registration is open in Euphoria. There are six different sessions - one for each grade level. This training provides a preview of the upcoming curriculum units.

"Tranformation in Action" Site Visits

This coming Tuesday, we will host educators from all over the metroplex for site visits as they learn more about PLCs at Wilson. We will have a morning group and an afternoon group.

We may or may not have time for classroom visits, but I wanted to give you a heads-up anyways! Please help by making sure our building looks it best and by rolling out the red carpet for our visitors.

Also - a special 'thank you' for 3rd and 1st for being our PLC guinea pigs!

Heidi Brown and Corrinne will be attending site visits on behalf of Wilson. Follow along with all the visits at #NTVC17

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Wilson Databases

Check out the button below for the SMORE of Wilson databases from Jaime. Here are additional details-

Below is a link to a Smore with a list of this year's database subscriptions. The district would like us to access these through MackinVia so they can track user statistics in order to make future database purchasing decisions. I'm not sure if this is different from previous years. Let me know if you are interested in a quick lesson for your class to help them utilize these resources.

www.mackinvia.com (MackinVia also has an app available.)
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Educator Oath to Vote

Recently, the Board of Trustees passed a resolution to foster a "culture of voting" within the district, and they also took the "Texas Educators Oath to VOTE." Their purpose is to motivate educators and CISD residents to use our voice as a voter to positively impact education at the state level.

I can't encourage you enough to exercise your right to vote. Check out the link below to sign the "Texas Educators Oath to VOTE!"

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Week At A Glance


  • 4th Grade Collaborative Team Time
  • PTO Meeting - 6:30
  • Start of 2nd 9 Weeks


  • Transformation in Action Site Visits
  • Report Card Grades Due - 8:00am
  • 2nd Grade Design Day


  • 2nd Grade Collaborative Team Time
  • 4th Grade Design Day
  • 5th Grade High Tech / High Touch
  • Team Leader Meeting - 3:30 - PLC Room
  • Ed Foundation Grants Due


  • 1st Grade Collaborative Team Time
  • Kinder Field Trip
  • 3rd Grade Poetry Slam @ B&N


  • 3rd Grade Collaborative Team Time
  • Spirit Assembly (Follow Spirit Assembly Schedule)
  • Report Cards go home