Weekly Glimpse

From Fourth Grade

Language Arts

Our focus this week:

* presenting biography Book Talks

* wrapping up the book George vs. George

*four groups had closing discussions about that time period (4B did this today & 4A will do this on Monday)

Next week:

*Nonfiction is the genre of the month

* Thunder on the Plains is our book about the American buffalo

* characteristics of nonfiction

* writing informational paragraphs using Thunder on the Plains

* begin foldables on nonfiction books

Social Studies

Our focus this week:

*Reading Time Lines

*Benjamin Franklin's role in PA, inventions & contributions

Next week:

* chapter 4 study guide for the test on Friday

* test review

Teacher's Note

* Next week the students will be choosing one name between both classes for Secret Santa. The last week of school, 12/14 - 12-18, students will, in top-secret form, leave little presents to the person they picked. Little presents would include: a pencil, a note of encouragement or a joke, a piece of candy, etc. When we get together on the last day for our party the Secret Santas will be revealed by giving the last gift in person. Prices on gifts should be around $10. Fun, Fun!!

* Mass on Tuesday @ 1:30

* The Basket Raffle begins on Thursday

- deadline for basket raffle pre-sale tickets form is Monday 12/7

- deadline for donation to the homeroom themed basket is Wednesday 12/9

4th grade is ARTS & CRAFTS

- holiday extravaganza is Friday 12/11 at 6pm at school