Life is Sweet as a BT

November Support Session

How Is Your BT Radar?

4- On Top of the Moon, who says teaching is hard?

3- Fairly Smooth Sailing, teaching's tough but totally worth it.

2- I'm Surviving Day to Day, when 3:00 hits, I need a nap.

1- Is it Christmas Break yet? Full moons, Halloween, and Rainy days are the devil!

What is something in your classroom that is going GREAT?

What do you believe you need IMPROVEMENT in?

If there was a way you could observe another teacher in the school, WHO would it be and WHY? What subject would you like to observe?

First Steps . . .

What is something from the video you could implement tomorrow?

Learn From Mistakes

As a new teacher, you will make mistakes. Just as any teacher, no matter their experience.