By: James Crowther


Products are breakfast foods, nutri-grain bars, cereal, pop tarts, ect.


This business is a corporation because it doesn't stock their products. It allows other stores to sell their products like Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Meijer.


The founder of Kellogg's is Will Keith Kellogg who accidentally created flake wheat berry and created corn flakes. Kellogg's was the first person to create high fiber cereal.


  • Corn Flakes from Kellogg's was created in 1906, and created great-tasting cereals people love to eat.
  • Kellogg's helps ensure a healthy environment.
  • Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, was the co-inventor of flaked cereal.
  • Kellogg is the world’s leading cereal company, second largest producer of cookies, crackers and savory snacks


I would definitely invest in this company because I enjoy their products and many of their products are healthy for you like their special K, and their granola bars.