Problems With Pies

Price of Pies

Due to the recent explosion in the market of pies the price of pies has risen to nearly $45 dollars for a 10 inch pie. But the now new product on the scene, The Upside down cake, has a quickly growing following causing manufacturers to reduce the price of their pies.

Nasa is to regain Funding starting in 2017

With the recent budget cuts the government has given to nasa their employees salary has been cut down to where they cannot even afford these $45 dollar pies forcing then to buy the upside down cake. But their new salaries will allow them to purchase the Pies!

Mind Over Matter

Recent studies have shown people age 25 to 35 prefer the upside down cake rather than a pie even without the current price people say even if there is an increase in the price they will still find a way to finance their upside down cake eating.

Pies or Cobblers

Lets face it everyone likes good pie but when a 10 inch pie is $45 we tend to try and find a substitute so Aunt mays Bakery has come to the call making Cobblers at a quarter the price of pie. Get your Apple Cobbler today at Aunt Mays Bakery, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

Another Pie crust Shortage is Coming

Researchers for the Institution regarding the demand and price of pies. (IRDPP) Hs been studying what caused the last pie crust shortage and has released a statement on what they have discovered. "The Price gon' go through da' roof" said IRDPP's Spokesman.