First Time Diners

What to do when you are immediately Seated?

Gently grab napkin and let drop and then place in lap. Do not wave your napkin around, or make it be noticed.

Define the following:

  • A La Carte- listing or serving of food that can be ordered separately rather than as part of the meal.
  • A La Mode- served with ice-cream.

How to get the Waiter's Attention?

Raise hand and wait for service. Do not make a scene, yell, or shout across restaurant. When you get there attention remember to speak in a soft voice and not talk very loudly.

What is Gratuity and how should you figure it on the Bill?

  • Gratuity- tip given to the waiter.

Gratuity is fifteen percent of the bill. You figure it by multiplying the total amount by fifteen percent.

What should you do when you finish each course?

You neatly set aside the plate/dish so the waiter knows that you are finished.

Five other helpful hints when Dining Out.

  • No elbows on table.
  • Use manners such as please, thank, you're welcome.
  • Do not blow on soup or stir.
  • Order things easy to eat. Not things that could get everywhere like crab or spaghetti.
  • Do not slurp your food or drink.