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Week of Sept 8, 2015

Welcome to the first edition of the Rick Hansen Learning Commons newsletter. I will be sending out this newsletter frequently to keep you up to date with what is happening in the learning commons and share resources and activities you can use with your students. It was wonderful getting around the school to talk with all of you about your needs in the learning commons. I would love to be able to drop into your classes over the next week to introduce myself to your classes.

I am hoping to have the library open for book exchange the second week of school. The library will be closed the first week as I organize and set-up the sign out procedures. I will be sharing the sign-out procedures for the learning commons with you in my next newsletter. Starting next week the library will be open two morning recesses for students from grade 4 to 8 to do a book exchange, work on assignments and research. More details will follow about the days and expectations. There are many new books that will be making their way to shelves throughout the month. As soon as my timetable is finalized I will share it with you as well as the sign-out for the carpet area.

Please email me if would like me to pull books or put together resources for you. Also I am available if you are interested in partnering to co-plan and co-teach. We can work together in your classroom as well as the library.

I'd like to share the video below that appeared in my Facebook feed this week. As a mom of a child who can not sit still for love nor money it really resonated with me and is a good reminder for me as I return to the classroom.

You can reach me by email at aimee.ford@yrdsb.ca or stop by the library for a cup of tea and a chat.

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Upcoming Library Events

International Dot Day

International Dot Day is a celebration of creativity based on the picture book The Dot by Peter H Reynolds. It is celebrated on September 15th-ish as described on the official website. We have one copy of the book to borrow. You can find an animated read aloud on YouTube. If you are looking for resources or ideas, you can visit the official website or downland the Dot Day Handbook (PDF). If you are interested in connecting your class with another class from around the globe you can sign-up at Skype in the Classroom and find a connection. I would be happy to help facilitate. I will be setting up a make a mark art activity in the learning commons.

Aimee Ford, Teacher-Librarian/ELL

Phone: x153

Email: aimee.ford@yrdsb.ca

Twitter: @aimeelou34

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