Problem with Pests?

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Protecting your home and business is our priority!

We ensure all our customers are given the most effective and efficient expertise advice and services.

Our pest specialists deal with different pests including

· Ants

· Bed bugs

· Birds

· Cockroaches

· Fleas & ticks

· Mosquitoes

· Rodents

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About Ladybird Pest Control

At Ladybird Pest Control, we provide professional and quality pest control and management services for both commercial and residential buildings. We deal with all types of premises including commercial properties, offices, restaurants, hotels, and residential buildings. All pest problems are dealt with in a professional manner, offering the best possible service in the pest control industry. We strive to control any and all of your pest concerns through a planned approach to eliminate and reduce a pest invasion. Our goal is to kill them in less than 24 hours.