Mr. Poulsum's Client Report


Over the last few months you and I have been working together where we have completed the SHURE Fitness ‘Health Screening Assessment’ and ‘Fitness Testing Assessment’. We have collected the necessary results to determine your current lifestyle and how it is benefiting you and how you could help yourself improve it. In this report we will recap on your results and compare them to the normative data, review your PAR-Q and recommend lifestyle improvements that will be easy to follow and ensuring your will see an improvement in your overall health and fitness.

Fitness Testing

When performing in the fitness tests Mr. Poulsum was very enthusiastic to go and try something new and out of the ordinary to what he was normally used to. He was very nervous when it came to some of the tests like the 10 Rep Max or the 12 Minute Cooper run. During the tests Mr. Poulsum pushed himself and went straight to his limits regarding that they were maximal tests. Comparing his score results to the normative data collected his scores varied in different amounts depending of what test it was and what it was testing whether it was Muscular Endurance or Aerobic Endurance. There was a certain way in which the order of the tests were laid out to make the participant work on different parts of their bodies at different times instead of going with the hardest tests first using up all their energy and not being able to give the 100 % efficiency in all the other tests.

Results for the Fitness Tests

Here are the results and normative data for you to look at with some improvements and recommendations. The numbers on the end of each test in bold indicate the order of each test taken. The Results are shown underneath each test title.

Fitness Test


12 Minute Cooper Run (Aerobic Endurance) 7

1.702 km

30 Meter Sprint (Speed) 3

5.41 5.73 5.40

30 Second Press up (Muscular Endurance) 4


30 Second Sit up (Muscular Endurance) 5


Sit and Reach (Flexibility) 6

30 10 10

10 Rep Max (Muscular Strength) 1

20 LBS converted makes it 9KG

Sergeant Jump (Power) 2

30 cm

10 Rep Max (Used When Finding Your 1 Rep Max)

Comparing Mr. Poulsum’s test result to the normative data shows that he has a score way below the scale. This isn’t because he is weak and cannot like the weights. This is because Mr. Poulsum isn’t a weight lifter and does not frequent a gym or do any form of strength training at home therefore making his result seem worse than it already is. I wouldn't recommend any improvements for this because I know that he will not want to improve this area of fitness.

Press Up Test

Comparing Mr. Poulsum’s score with this piece of normative data shows that his score is only in the fair section. This area of fitness could be improved by doing press ups each day. In the modern day many people own a smart phone or a device that can connect to the internet. Mr. Poulsum has both of these devices available to him at home and I would like to recommend getting either the Push Ups Pro for his android or looking at the 100 Push Ups website where you will follow a program of doing a certain amount of press ups a day and increasing it each time. If you don’t want an app or want to use a computer you can just start by doing 5 push ups in the morning and in the evening and increasing it by one every 2 days just to get your body used to the amount of resistance you are putting against it.

Sit and Reach Test

Looking at the results from the test and converting it to match this normative data Mr. Poulsum’s score led up to a 13.6 which counted as below average for this set of normative data. To improve flexibility every morning just wake up and try touching your toes each day you should be able to get further and further. If you are feeling tense or stressed go and have a massage to get all the knots out of your muscles. You can also go and participate in some Yoga or Pilate’s classes.

12 minute cooper run test

The 12 minute cooper run was one of the best resulting tests that Mr. Poulsum has gotten. Aerobic fitness is what he has seemed most comfortable in and it is something that he can enjoy with his family. Some improvements and recommendations that I would suggest would be to go for a morning run before work and it doesn’t have to be long. Another one would be to go up the hiking paths with the family and go and chase the kids up the hills and all around. For the more technical improvements I would suggest getting a Garmin running watch if you want to take the running seriously which I encourage. You can also get yourself a NIKE Fuel Band which isn't as expensive and it works just as well with a few less modes and settings.

30 Meter Sprint Test

Looking at the results and comparing them to this data you can see that Mr. Poulsum is rated in the poor section of the data. Even though his score isn't on the data list itself it is still considered as being poor. Mr. Poulsum said that he doesn't want to improve his speed. If he ever changes his mind I would suggest coming back to SHURE Fitness and taking part in an Interval Training course. There is also the Possibility of creating a personal training program with it included.

Sit Up Test

The sit up test was a good test for Mr. Poulsum to show what his muscular endurance was like. His score is considered poor because he didn't beat the limit of 17 when he was very close and only managed to get 16. There is a sit up app on the phone where like the press up app it will tell you to do a select amount of sit ups each day depending on what program you choose.

Sergeant Jump Test

The results for the sergeant jump were 30 cm and looking at the normative data it is considered poor. Mr. Polsum had only done the test once so it wasn't accurate and the area where the test was performed was not suitable therefore making the test inappropriate.

Health Testing

This part of the Report will be about a Health Screening test that Mr. Poulsum had completed on the 11th December 2013. Just like the Fitness part There will be some normative data for the tests and some feedback with some improvements added below.

When Mr. Poulsum came into the room for the tests he seemed a bit concerned on what information would get out and having to be assured that all the information given is strictly confidential. When performing the tests he was quite confident other than when it came to his weight. He wasn't too comfortable with this being shown so I had to reassure him that this is confidential.

Below are the results for the different tests.

Blood Pressure

What is Blood Pressure?

"Blood pressure (BP), sometimes referred to as arterial blood pressure, is the pressure exerted by circulating blood upon the walls of blood vessels, and is one of the principal vital signs."

looking at the blood pressure results and comparing them to the normative data it would appear that Mr. Poulsums blood pressure is fairly high. This could indicate that he is in a lot/ some stress with his social life or job.

You should try to take vitamins C and E and Potassium.You should also consider eating around 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day. Baked potatoes avocados melons all good for you. When eating food you should watch out for how much salt you put in because it can bring on high BP so you should try use different herbs to substitute for different spices and flavors. You can check the sodium content (salt) on the back of food packaging. Alcohol can really give you high BP as a male you shouldn't drink more than 3 – 4 units max per day.

Lung Capacity

There was no soft copy of the data available.

Your Lung Capacity test was your strongest test with Mr. Poulsum's results getting up to a high mark of 6400. This indicates that you do not smoke as you had said to me that you do not in your PAR-Q. When Mr. Poulsum did the test his was very confidant in knowing what to do after I had explained the procedure to him and he understood that he had to blow into the apparatus for as long as he could.

BMI (Body Mass Index)

The BMI test was the test that needs improving on the most. Comparing the Results to the data it states that Mr. Poulsum is overweight.

Mr Poulsum can defiantly improve this by coming to our SHURE Fitness Center and coming along to our fitness sessions. But for him to work on his BMI in his own time I would recommend that he changes his diet. There are many ways he can do this. Instead of eating a salad everyday I would recommend the 7 DAY DASH Plan on this website this will have the necessary dietary plan required.

There is also the ability to go and do 5 laps of a running track 3 times a week and gradually improving this by contacting on of our trainers and having a personal training program made.



Before each of the different tests the client had to complete a PAR-Q (Physical Active Readiness Questionnaire). This document would contain a series of questions to help the trainer gather an idea of what their client lifestyle is and if they currently suffer from any form of illness or injury so that the session can be a lot safer than just starting straight away. When doing the PAR – Q with Mr. Poulsum he did not seem to think any of the questions were hard to understand and that they were very straight forward. His results were good as he did not suffer from and illnesses or injuries. After looking at his results I asked him a few questions to get to know more about his general lifestyle. A question that I asked was “Do you smoke?” and he replied by saying that he doesn’t smoke. It’s those sorts of questions that are necessary for me as the trainer to know.

Underneath is just a example of a PAR-Q we use at SHURE Fitness.

Strengths and Improvements

This part is just to say what some of Mr. Polsum’s strengths are and what he will need help improving.


To conclude this report I have to say that Mr. Poulsum’s healthy lifestyle is at a moderate level. He is very determined to get his fitness levels up because he knows that improving his general fitness will improve his general health. He has a few strengths and weakness due to the fact that he doesn't have much experience with this sort of training and commitment to exercise. His results for his health testing were all above the average but not by far so there is a high chance of getting him at those average scores. His fitness testing scores were not very good but there is a lot that he can improve on and not all of it has to be done at SHURE Fitness Center he can take it into his own hands as well as having a trainer help him through the exercises.