A big problem: Global Warming

Which are the consequences of Global Warming on health?

What is global warming? Is global warming bad?

Global warming is an increase in the Earth's average temperature due to effect of greenhouse gases.
So some global warming is good. But if extra greenhouse gases are made, the thermal blanket gets thicker and too much heat is kept in the earth's atmosphere. That's when global warming is bad.

Greenhouse Effect?

When the sunrays travel through the Earth's atmosphere, and reach the Earth, the Earth's surface absorb the solar energy. The gases which are present in the atmosphere, trap energy from the sun and prevent the heat from escaping back into space, this energy causes the Earth to heat up. These gases are known as greenhouse gases and this process of keeping the earth's average temperature is the greenhouse effect.

Consequences of Global Warming On Health

If Earth gets hotter, some of the important changes could happen

The most common consequences are:

Deadly heat waves: More frequent and severe heat waves will result in a greater number of heat-related deaths.

Bad air, allergy and asthma: Global warming could increase pollution in some areas and intensify pollen allergies and asthma. Hotter conditions could also make worse local air quality.

Infectious Disease and Waterborne Illness: Warming temperatures have contributed to widespread outbreaks of infections like malaria, dengue fever, tick-borne encephalitis.

Dangerous Weather Events: A warmer atmosphere can hold more humidity, contributing to intense weather events, which in turn put people's lives at risk.

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