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Launching A Year of Writing

Authentic writing is messy. It takes time--and lots of it. What's worse, often, it is difficult to see an immediate by-product of the ruminating necessary to produce writing that goes deep and reflects the personality of the writer. In an age of accountability, writing often gets politely nudged to the side or morphs into a series of timed writing prompts reminiscent of state accountability tests. What is a teacher to do? Enter into the Writer's Workshop where quality mentor texts serve as springboards to thinking and writing. Through modeling, show students how to analyze and play with words, phrases, perspective, genre, and more. Then, let them write. Let them explore, borrow, collaborate, and learn about writing in ways that make sense to them.

Whether you are new to Writer's Workshop, or just want to polish it up a bit in your classroom, check out some of the resources below to use with your students or to deepen your own implementation of Writer's Workshop.

Overview of Writer's Notebook (Video Tutorial)

One school, Galloway Township Public School describes their approach to launching Writer's Notebooks in grades 3-8.

Where can I put all this writing?