Andrew Johnson Elementary

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A morning message from Mr. Edwards

This week we are talking about Habit # 3 which is Putting First Things First. Have you ever noticed that the hardest thing about a school project is just getting started?

Over 2 thousand years ago, an ancient Chinese philosopher said, “ A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

When I was in high school, my band teacher told me that the hardest part of practicing your instrument is getting out of the case and he was right. Sometimes just getting started is the most difficult part. Habit 3 is to recognize what’s most important and just get started.

If having a difficult time if you are having a difficult time, the first step can be the hardest. Just dive in and take that first step and you will be surprised how easily you will be on your way.

October 7 will be In-Service for Kingsport City Schools. No school on this day.

October 10-14 is KCS Fall Break.

Live interview with 2nd graders...

Our 2nd grade visited Bays Mountain Park last week. The following are quotes from several of our students about all they learned during the visit.

Brody, "Snakes use their venomous fangs at the top of their mouth to kill their prey."
Conner, "I petted a snake and it felt scaly."
Riley, "I learned about snakes and wolves. People say snakes are poisonous but they need to know that they are venomous."
Hudson, "Food chains are important because without them animals wouldn't survive. If one little thing fell out, it would affect everything.""

2nd graders have also been busy in math.

Abigail, "I have learned about equations. For example, 5+5=10, 1+9=10,6+4=10, 7+3=10."

Tonya, "I know that 1 times a number is that number. For example, 1x18=18, 1x15=15."

Gunter, "I learned about 10's buddies. For example 1+10=11, 10+3=13."

Kamaya and Jamie shared that they enjoyed Mr. Edwards morning message about Putting First Things First. Kamaya explained that this means that "you shouldn't play before doing your homework." Jamie added that "if you wait, then you will be too tired to do your homework.

Live from 3rd grade...

Our third graders had a lot to say about all they have been learning.

Wyatt explains collecting data, "you take notes, ask people what they like and see what categories have most of the items."

Zeva states that she likes "collecting data and making bar graphs."

Grant reports, "It is fun learning bar graphs because we use art and teams."

Brandon explains, "We wrote and drew animals in their habitats and what they do when camouflaged. Camouflage helps animals not get eaten."

Robert, "I learned for every part of data, there is a questions before you figure out the answer."

Third grade read Our New Old House as part of learning concepts of comprehension.

Jarvis stated that he could tell it was an old house from the content of "peeling paint."

Alex was able to define that drift was "a slow movement" from clues from the story.

Fourth graders report....

Bailey reports she liked learning about explorers. She states that "Some famous explorers accomplished their goals and others got stuck and stranded. "

Pierson reports he enjoyed learning, "line plots and how to measure stuff." He also states he used "data and figure out equations. For example, CxS=P."

Andrew reports on "echo locations." He explained that there is "an arctic tundra and that climate is -99 degrees."

Chloe states, "In music, I learned that a round is when one person starts singing then another person starts."

Hunter, "We put x's on the plot when adding."

Ava explained that putting first things first "helps you in school."

Isabella reports she realized from the morning message that "I'm in charge of me and I can own my choices."

Johnson Open House and outdoor Block Party

A big thank you to all the families and students who attended the open house and outdoor block party. Our students did a great job hosting the outdoor event. Several students even volunteered to help with the open house. We also appreciate the community agencies and D.B. ladies basketball team for coming out to join us.

Kindergarten has been busy learning about equivalent sets in their number book. Kindergartner, Marleigh reports that she can "count to 110!"

A Volunteer Training and pancake breakfast

Please join us on Tuesday, September 27 for a volunteer training/breakfast. If you have volunteered or plan to volunteer, it is highly encouraged for you to attend this meeting. Please contact Debbie Moore, if you have any questions.

Pre K enjoyed learning about crescent moons.

Crescent rolls made a great demonstration for creating crescent moons!

Lots have been happening in fifth grade these last two weeks..

Our fifth grade students have been learning about the Civil War. They also have been studying symbiotic relations in science. Students have been working in Google classrooms which is helping promote literacy skills.