By Ella Graf-Spielman

Who were ancient egyptian pharaohs?

Pharaohs were considered divine deities and mortal rulers they were considered the God kings of Egypt. The pharaoh title was intended to be passed down from father to son however it didn't always go over so nicely in many cases sons were murdered and in some cases mysteriously disappeared before they could receive the pharaoh title.

What did Pharaohs do?

A pharaoh was the political and religious leader of his people. Some of the things he did as a political leader was owning all of the land in his city, making laws, collecting taxes and protecting the people who he ruled from foreigners. Some things he did as a religious ruler was he represented the gods on earth, he built temples and performed rituals to honor the gods.

Where did Pharaohs live?

Most Pharaohs built their "homes" in the center of the city where they would easily be able to rule their people. Although that was different in the case of Akhenaten he built an entirely new capital in the middle of nowhere in honor of Aten the Sun God.

How did Akhenaten contribute positively to ancient Egyptian society?

Akhenaten changed ancient Egyptian society in a lot of ways most he started a new religion in which only one God was to be worshipped and that was Aten the sun God it went against everything that the ancient Egyptian society knew. Another change he made was abolishing priesthood the priesthood controlled a lot of a pharaoh's actions because they were supposed to serve the Gods Akhenaten didn't like that very much so he declared that he was the only one able to speak to Aten therefore getting rid of the priesthood. He also changed how people viewed art instead of following the strict rules that were once held to art he made it more natural and realistic he also shared intimate pictures of his family life these were new to ancient Egyptians who had only ever seen formal images. That was probably the only positive thing he managed to that didn't almost cause the demise of his people or costs them tons of money after his death.
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When did Pharaohs live?

Pharaohs weren't always known as pharaohs in fact before they were pharaohs they were known as kings 3150 BCE was when the first dynasty in Egypt appeared those rulers were known as kings in between 1570 and 1069 is when kings started to be called pharaohs the change in names is known as the period of New KIngdoms


Religion played a major role in the life of the pharaoh because they were sometimes believed to be God's on earth. They also have many important roles in religion because they built temples to honor the Gods in their society.


Akhenaten married his own daughters

Akhenaten is the father of King Tut

Pharaohs were often overweight

Akhenatens wife was believed to be the living goddess of fertility

King Tut may have been killed by a hippo


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