Happy New Year!

January 4- January 8

I wish you a year full of health, happiness and fun! I'm privileged to share my professional and personal life with you!Cheers to YOU in 2016!

Mountain Lion Update Weekly Announcements

  • I've attached some items for review in 2016! They serve as friendly reminders to review for yourself and with students as we begin a new semester. please pay particular attention to R.O.A.R expectations. Please review the lunch and duty schedule sent by Ms. Borquez.
  • Reading Planning Sessions are scheduled for grades 2-6 with Reading Intervention teacher. Mr. DiRusso will cover classes- please make sure to leave quality learning assignments for him to do with the kids.
  • Wednesday from 1:30-3:00 we will meet in the LRC for Ready Toolbox Learning with T. Bauschka. All certified teachers should be in attendance please.
  • After school club begins next week- please have kids cal home throughout the day if they are confused about start date. Parent links have been sent to families as reminders.
  • Housekeeping: Please update Bulletin Boards (college awareness is still ok)- please attend to the stapling required and current student work. Learning Objective/Target should be posted as well.
  • Melanie, Jessica,Stephanie and I will be in New Mexico on Thursday and Friday for the UVA Mid-Year Retreat. Please email-text me if something requires my attention, otherwise please see Martha, Monica, Myrna or Myriam.
  • On January 12th- Mr. Holmes and the district team will be visiting and working at SV all day. Please expect them to visit classrooms :)
  • January 20th: UVA Tailored support (Melinda and another UVA Rep) for Teacher Plans will be with us. We will be modifying the days learning (depends on how many subs show up) I will forward details as the day approaches.

Reading Instruction

Thank you for your work in Reading/ELA Planning in December. I know our adjustments will impact all kids. I'm excited for our kids that are "not yet" at reading grade level and equally as excited to see how we can solidify proficiency for on-grade level readers as it relates to grade level reading standards.

Reading Instruction in a "walk to reading" setting will begin next week (for some grades at the earliest.) Myrna. Monica and I will be planning with reading interventionist this week. To solidify the plan for those classes. On Wednesday we will learn about the ready Toolbox that will be a resource for us as it relates to teaching the reading standards well and then applying it ion ELA Units. All classrooms will work from the same Literacy Platform: Phonics Instruction, Vocabulary Instruction, Reading and Writing. It won;t look the same but all classes will have the same platform. All classrooms will use the Close Reading Strategy to facilitate student comprehension. On Wednesday I will layout details for all of us.

Please be well read on the students you will have in the Literacy Block. Homeroom teachers can run error reports (RAPS) for students you will serve to give you information on what specific phonics needs they have. Share reading levels and comprehension scores. Writing sample of the last unit test.

Please send questions our way- send them to all leadership team so we can address them quickly and efficiently. Thank you!

Welcome 2 Superheroes!

Please join me in welcoming Ms. Cindy Betance, 2nd Grade Teacher and Ariana Drews, Special Education Resource Teacher to our Summit View Family. Both ladies are recently graduated and excited to meet you and be part of our team! Cindy will be on campus stating Monday and Ariana on Thursday! Welcome Ladies!!!

P.S. Don't worry...not letting Mr. Stark get away...he'll be with us through the rest of the school year in several positions!! Our very own Captain America!!!!

Congratulations Ms. Matthews!!!

Ms. Matthews has been selected to present at the ISTE Conference in June. So proud that she will be representing Summit View and Sunnyside Unified! Congratulations Ms. Matthews!!!