Friday Focus

September 16th, 2016

"Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It's the only thing." -- Albert Scheweitzer

What's up?

I hesitate to say we had a normal week, but it appears that there were no earthquakes, fights, or insane outbursts around Dewey High this week!


Big shout-out to Mrs. Lewis, Mr. Ruble, Ms. Frailey, Mrs. Murguia, Mrs. Thoreson, Coach Ward, and Mrs. Williams for the Student of the Month feedback thus far! Please continue nominating deserving students. This will only be as meaningful as the feedback I get from all of you.

Awesome job by Coach Palmer, Coach Ruble and our volleyball team for raising over $800 with their Pink Out game for Christian Smith, a 1st grader here at Dewey, in his fight against leukemia.

Good luck to Mrs. Herchock, Mrs. Williams, and our cheerleaders as they compete in Regionals tomorrow in Tulsa at Union!

Next week is playoff time for the Lady Dogger softball team, as we host Nowata for districts. Good luck to Coach Minton, Coach Ruble, and the Lady Doggers who are having a great season with a 17-8 record.


Relevant and/or meaningful things I came across this week on the world wide web:

Single link this week. Interesting perspective from a parent about the issue with school letter grades. What I really found interesting is how he views the school his daughter goes to and whether those indicators are in place if a parent were to step into our building. Would they know about all of the great things our students are offered as a part of their educational experience here?


I got to check out Mrs. Eastwood's Algebra 2 students doing some hands-on work. I'm sure she and her students enjoyed taking a day to apply some of those skills they're learning using pennies, spaghetti, and paper cups. Cool stuff, even though making predictions using linear functions to see how strong that spaghetti is might have been a tad (or two or two thousand!) over my head! I could tell our students were applying their skills and that's a cool moment for any of us.

Last Word

One of our fellow DHS colleagues shared this one with me. It may resonate!

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Have a great weekend!

Always proud to be a Bulldogger,