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Thursday 3rd April 2014

Dear Area 31 Entrepreneurs and Friends

If you are interested in applying for Area 31 please come to our Open House this week! This week we are also having Demo Day were some of our startups, Smoobility, VisualBox, BiDrink and Imagine Through Software will share their products. The Net Impact Club will host a get together for those involved in this years Impact Weekend. We are hosting a very important presentation from the Spanish Governments Ministerio de Economia on Visas for Entrepreneurs. From the blog we have a great post from IE IMBA Alumni Benjamin Lickfett about Kritical Mass, a new kind of crowd platform


Visa for Entrepreneurs

Monday 7th April 2014


Location: Area 31

The Spanish Governments Ministerio de Economia will provide a briefing on how entrepreneurs can go about getting Visas in Spain. This is a great opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs wishing to establish their startups in Spain and for Spanish entrepreneurs with foreign co-founders who might be interested in moving to Spain.

Entrepreneuring Sessions

Tuesday 8th April 2014, 15:30-20:00

Thursday 10th April 2014, 10:30-15:00

Friday 11th April 2014, 9:00-15:00

Location: Area 31

This is a private session about entrepreneurial mindset for the launch of the new International MBA intake.

Demo Day

Wednesday 9th April 2014


Location: Area 31

During the Area31 Demo Day, 4 startups will demo their products to show what they are working on and to get feedback from the audience. The startups that will present are:
  • Smoobility
  • VisualBox
  • BiDrink
  • Imagine Through Software

Register here

Net Impact Get Together

Wednesday April 9th 2014


Location: Area 31

This event is a team building session for those involved in Impact weekend. Impact weekend is an acceleration weekend for social entrepreneurship ideas organized by IE’s Net Impact club.

Area 31 Open House

Thursday April 10th, 2014


Location: Area 31

Are you interested in applying to Area 31? Take this opportunity to come, visit the space and ask any questions you might have. FInd more info and register here.

Venture Network

Thursday April 10th 2014


Location: Area 31

Our weekly pitching slam in Area 31. After the pitches, stick around and have a beer with us and network with investors and entrepreneurs. Learn more here


Go Global: Silicon Valley, Trends, Opportunities and Strategies US market entry

Join the US Market Access Center for a free live Webinar about how to leverage Silicon Valley’s ecosystem to launch your tech company on a global scale.

  • The panelists for this webinar will be:
  • Jose Mateos, Seasoned Silicon Valley Executive, Salesforce Europe, Mobile Theory Inc.
  • Alfredo Coppola, Co-CEO, US Market Access Center
  • Jeff Snider, Executive Vice President, US Market Access Center
  • Bob Christopher, Silicon Valley Angel Investor

Register here


Kritical Mass:Time to Truly Empower the Crowd

Benjamin Lickfett, IE IMBA 2010, blogs about Kritical Mass, a new kind of crowd platform; one that enables people with inspiring ideas and causes to get all the support they need. No matter if they need funds, volunteers, mentors or in-kind donations. No matter if individuals, groups or organisations want to support them. Read more


The use of Area 31 as a coworking space will be limited during the following days:

  • Tuesday, April 8th, 15:30-20:00, half of the space will be available for coworking
  • Thursday, April 10th, 10:30-15:30, half of the space will be available for coworking
  • Friday, April 11th, 9:00-15:30, half of the space will be available for coworking
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