Conserving Household Water

The more you save, The less you pay

Water Is Precious

The more we save the better! Us as people who live on this earth should conserve and save water, If we don't be careful we may one day run out of water!

Why Save Water?

The reason we should save water is so one day we won't run out of water. Also economically wise "The more you waste, The more you pay." Its better to save water then to waste it.

Some Ways To Save Water

.Close the tab when brushing teeth

.Shower under 5 minutes

.Wash a full Laundry Basket then a small amount

.Don't use your toilet as a waste basket (5 Gallons each flush)

.Instead of filling the toilet tank fully use a float buster to rise the water.

Water Changes Everything.

Save It Before you need it!