Welcome to St. Vincent's!!!!

Support your parish and school through our SCRIP program!

Welcome to St. Vincent's!

We are thrilled to welcome you to our parish family! St. Vincent's is blessed to have so many families who are dedicated to the support of our Parish and School. There are many ways to become involved in the community....one of these is through HASA.


St. Vincent's HASA

HASA (Home and School Association) is an organization made up of parents, faculty, and school administration.

One way HASA helps to support the school is through funding of various programs and activities: class field trips, drama club productions, Visiting Artists and Authors, guest speakers, FW Philharmonic visit, parent social events, family activities and events, staff and volunteer appreciation events, and many more.

The most important source of HASA's funding comes from the SCRIP program.



SCRIP (Substitute Currency Reaps In Profits) is an incredibly effective and innovative way to raise money for our parish and school. Because it is such a great program, we have chosen it to be the ONLY ongoing fundraiser for our school.



The most important thing to remember about SCRIP is this: IT COSTS YOU NOTHING!

"SCRIP" is simply a gift card/certificate from one of our participating merchants. St. Vincent's is able to purchase these from our merchants at a discount, then offer them for sale to our parish families at face value. The discount offered by the merchant then becomes our "profit" and is the only component that makes this a fundraiser for our parish and school.

You can purchase these gift cards through our program for the items that you would buy anyway (think gas, groceries, restaurants, online shopping, home improvement, etc). You pay face value and receive face value...there's no extra cost to you!



The answer is simple: SCRIP revenue benefits everyone here at St. Vincent's, from the parish to the school.

The first 50% of all profit earned from the SCRIP program goes to our school. We need these funds to help reduce and/or eliminate fees charged to school parents for enrichment programs and activities provided to the students throughout the school year. These are usually items that aren't included in the school's regular operating budget.

The purchasing families may designate the remaining 50% of the profit earned from SCRIP to any of the following options:

>> St. Vincent's School tuition credit

>> Bishop Dwenger High School tuition credit

>> College tuition credit

>> Other Catholic schools tuition credit

>> Church discretionary account (used to fund vital parish programs)

>> Religious education fees at St. Vincent's

>> General tuition assistance fund for St. Vincent's School

>> Tuition credit toward KG or 1st grade tuition for a child who will attend St. Vincent's School in the future

Using the SCRIP program maximizes the power of your everyday, routine spending. Even though you're not spending any more than you already would be spending, you're helping the parish and the school! It's definitely a win-win!


There are many ways to order SCRIP...just use whatever is most convenient for you!

Note: a SCRIP order form is attached to this flyer

1) SCRIP is sold at school every Monday and Friday morning. If you have students at the school, just send in your order form along with your payment (check or cash) to school with your student. All orders are delivered to the SCRIP office, filled, and returned to the student to take home that same day (any backorders will be delivered within 3-5 days).

2) SCRIP is sold in the church Gathering Space every weekend: Saturday after 5:00 Mass, Sunday from 8:00-11:00am and after Life Teen Mass.

3) Online sales - this is our newest option. Check out www.shopwithscrip.com for more info about this great new feature. If you're interested, please contact us in the SCRIP office; we'd be glad to give you all the details and help you sign up for the online option.


SCRIP Coordinators: Danielle Ball and Margee Tippmann

Please feel free to contact us any time..we're always glad to answer questions, help you place a special order, etc. Looking forward to hearing from you!