The Holocaust: Italy World WarII

How it all started!

Describe how WWII started!

  1. World WarII had been started from the frustration from WWI.
  2. Italians wanted Benito Mussolini to be their Prime Minister.
  3. Mussolini wanted to turn Italy into a dictatorship, and then Italy invaded the African nation of Ethiopia.

Identify how the Holocaust started!

  1. Adolf Hitler led the Nazi's Party, and killed people who didn't fit his criteria.
  • This group of people consists of:
  • Roma, Sinti (travelers), mentally or physically disabled people,homosexuals, communists, labor unionists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Poles, Russians, and other people against Nazi regime.
  • They wanted to kill all the Jews in Europe! :(

Tell me how Italy became a part of WWII.

  • Italy had been brought into WWII by Benito Mussolini (a former socialist).
  • Mussolini's military & fascists leaders wanted more land and power, and Germany wanted to regain national pride after what happened in WWI.
  • By the mid-1943's Allied forces of the U.S. and Great Britain had began to occupy Italian territory.

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Remembering the Holocaust

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