Babe Ruth

Baseball player for the New York Yankees

Babe Ruth's Beginning

Hats off to Babe Ruth!! As many people loved him they probably don't know how his beginning was. George Herman "Babe" Ruth was born on February 6th 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland. As a child he refused to go to school and spent time on the streets until he was enrolled in St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys. While at the school Brother Matthias ( one of Ruth's instructors) became like a father to Ruth and first showed him how to play the game of baseball. By the time he was 19 he became one of the best pitchers in Baltimore, and in 1914 he tried out for the Baltimore Orioles, becoming one of the youngest professional baseball players ever. He got his name when one of his teammates said "He is the promised "babe" in baseball." In 1919 the Orioles sold Ruth to the Yankees for $125,000. In 1927, he hit sixty home runs, won 110 games, and won the World Series. In his career he hit 714 home runs until it was beat in 1974. After he retired he remained a public figure until he died on August 16th 1948 of throat cancer. His memorobilia is still displayed today.

Adult Years

During his baseball career he was with the Red Sox, and the New York Yankees. When he was with the White Sox, he won 94 games and held a pitching record with the Red Sox. From his time with the Yankees he won 110 games and a World Series game.

Babe Ruth Biography: Boston Red Sox to NY Yankees