About myself

Lets exhange!

I'm really looking forward for this exhange. I think it's gonna be a great time. First I will go to Poland in Gdansk. I think it would be great there. I can't wait to sit in the plane and fly to Poland. Also I will be 14 in Poland, on october 11th. I would like to see so much in Gdansk like Neptune's foutain and the Old Town, but I think there is a loot of things that I am going to see in this city.

My hobbies

I really like playing piano and volleyball. These are mine favourite things to do.

But also playing games on the phone and look at some movies are things I like.

I have a dog and teaching him new tricks is also a lot of fun.

My familie

My familie consists of:

  • 1 father
  • 1 mother
  • 1 brother
  • 1 sister

Mine father is a real 'Groninger'. You can see he is from Groningen.

My mother is different. She comes from Serbia, and how they have met is a long long story. But I and my little sister have the look of my mother and my little brother looks a lot like my father. This also goes for his behavior.

About food...

I love to eat pizza, pancakes and sweet things. And food I don't prefer to eat is andive. I can't tell more about food...

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