Africa's pysical feature

the journey of a lifetime

Congo basin

The congo basin in africa is 1,345,000 square feet long and wide it is part of three country's these country's are Zaire, Zambia and north Angola. It is ranking second largest in africa. it has over 700 kinds of fish including the great white shark and sunfish and even saw fish

lake victoria

Lake victoria is the largest lake in has over 1000 fish it is fresh water and it has aligaters it has five fresh shrub forests surrounding it

kiliajama mountains

these mountains are the tallest mountains in africa.They are also home to wildlife such as deer ,big horn sheep and lakes. It is the most wild mountains in africa
Climb for Kenya 2014, Kilimanjaro via Lemosho route

Atlas mountains

the atlas mountains are located in north africa it is between the Mediteranean sea and the sahara desert. it extends from Morroco to tunisia