Dear Diet Diva

Advice On Dieting for Healthier Skin

Dear Diet Diva,

I am having a problem with my skin. My skin is starting to have blemishes. Could it be something I am eating? Some of my friends tell me it's because I eat too much chocolate. But I don't believe that mis affecting my skin or my body. Can you tell me what I can do so my skin can have that smooth look again?

Dear Robin,

I hear you have a problem with your skin and blemishes. Well ask yourself do you have a healthy diet. If not then you should start now. Studies have shown that chocolate can affect your body in different ways. More than one-third of people see a connection between what they eat and their blemishes. Acne is simply a disorder of the turnover of skin cells, called keratinization. If you want your skin to be healthier you should eat a healthy intake of protein like eggs and have higher intakes of vitamin C and lower intakes of fats and carbohydrates, this will help your appearance as your skin ages.