The Demon King

By Cinda Williams Chima

Plot of The Demon King

Hanson Alister is a semi-retired thief living in Fellsmarch, capital of the Queendom of the Fells. One thing marks him out from everyone else living in the capital, struggling to provide for their family: A pair of mysterious, apparently magical silver cuffs that he's worn since birth. He's never been able to get them off, no matter how hard he's tried, and his mother says they show that Han was cursed by a demon when he was born.

Raisa ana'Marianna, on the other hand, is the heir to the Queendom, rebellious, intelligent, and accustomed to luxury. She's just returned from three years at the Demonai camp in the Spirit Mountains, living free with her father's people, and is having a hard time getting used to the formalities of court again.

Neither seems to have a single thing in common, but when Han steals an ancient serpent amulet from a trio of wizards setting fire to a sacred mountain, their paths begin to cross in ways none of them could have predicted.

A thousand years before, Queen Hanalea killed wicked Demon King and saved the Seven Realms from certain destruction. Or did she? Piece by piece, the truth of what really happened so long ago starts to unfold. And no one could have predicted what truth would be found out.

The Demon King was an amazing book, and I am so glad that the other three books in the Seven Realms Quartet were out when I first found it at the school library. I really like the way there are sort of three stories in the book: Raisa's, Han's and the age-old legend of the Demon King and Hanalea, and they way they intertwine with each other in the most fascinating ways.