Classroom News

Classroom Timetable

Day 1 - Art - Mrs. Gould - bring extra clothing that can get messy

Day 1 & 2 - Gym - Mrs. Haddrell

Day 2 & 3 - Gym - Mrs. Gould

Day 3 - Art - Mrs. Haddrell-bring extra clothing that can get messy

Day 5 - Library and Computer - both classes

Reminder: Every Wednesday is Pizza Lunch. If you want pizza, you need to bring your pizza form and money by the first break on Tuesday. The cost is $2.00 a slice.

November 11th - Remembrance Day Assembly - The Grade Ones performed at this very important assembly to honour the men and women who have defended Canada's freedom. Our artwork wias also be featured in a slideshow presentation.


Learning Targets:

1. I am learning how to identify, sort, classify, and compare 2 dimensional objects

2. I am learning how to read, represent, compare and order whole numbers to 50

3. I am learning how to count forwards to 100 and backwards from 20


Learning Targets:

1. I am learning to retell stories orally and in writing.

2. I am learning to make connections to stories to myself, to other books and the world around me.


Learning Target:

1. I am learning to write instructions on how to do or make something.


Learning Targets:

1. I am learning how I can help maintain a healthy environment.

2. I am learning what animals and plants need to survive.

Social Studies

Learning Target:

1. I am learning how to be responsible at school and home.

The Arts

Learning Targets:

1. I am learning how to create texture using a variety of tools

2. I am learning painting techniques

Character Education

Learning Target:

1. I am learning strategies to help me deal with a bully

Health and Physical Education

Learning Target:

1. I am learning to toss and receive a ball.

How Can I Improve My Child's Reading?

The following suggestions have been beneficial to many parents:

  • Provide a good role model — read yourself and read often to your child.
  • Provide varied reading material — some for reading enjoyment and some with information about hobbies and interests.
  • Encourage activities that require reading — for example, cooking (reading a recipe), constructing a kite (reading directions), or identifying an interesting bird's nest or a shell collected at the beach (using a reference book).
  • Establish a reading time, even if it is only ten minutes a day.
  • Write notes to your school-age child; encourage written responses.
  • Ask your child to bring a library book home to read to a younger sibling.
  • Establish one evening a week for reading (instead of television viewing).
  • Encourage your child in all reading efforts.

Reading Strategies for Parents to use with their Children

From 3 to 3

Listen to students from both classrooms as they recite some of the 3 to 3 rhymes they have been learning. The 3 to 3 program helps increase vocabulary, grammar, narrative ability and social reasoning. Reciting rhymes is only one component of the program. Teachers also tell stories, read stories and students then have an opportunity to retell the stories in their own words in their writing. There is documented evidence that the program helps children achieve higher reading scores.


The following website is a great one for reading books online. There is such a variety of stories that your children will be entertained for a long time. Some of the stories also have follow up reading activities. We hope you will enjoy them together!

User Name - tdsb

Password - trillium

Math Livebinder

Students are beginning to learn about properties of various 2D shapes. Use the link below to access games that will help your child practise their skills in geometry. The password or key for the binder is geometry. Type the word in the key box and you will be taken to a binder of games that are online. Have fun!

Ludovico Einaudi

Ludovico Einaudi - In A Time Lapse - 07 - Brothers by Ludovico Einaudi

December Focus in Reading is On Making Connections