Jeopardy game

By Hayden Guyse

Solve by Graphing- 500

The first thing you have to do is put these equations in slope intercept form.

2x + 7y =14

5x + 7y = -7

What you should have is

y=-2/7x + 2

y= -5/7x -1

If you enter those into a graphing tool it should give you an intersection point of (-7,4).

Write a System-500

You pay $24.50 for 10 gallons of gasoline and 1 quart of oil at a gas station. Your friend pays $22 for 8 gallons of the same gasoline and 2 quarts of the same oil. Find the cost of 1 quart of oil?

These are the equations for the problem:

24.50=10g + 1q

22=8g + 2q

To solve the equation I did a little bit of guess and check. What I did is 10 x 2= 20 then I did 24.50-20=4.50, but I knew that wasn't right because the quarts would be greater than the price per gallon. So I came up with



24.50=10(2.25) + 1(2.00)

24.50=22.50 + 2.00


Solving Word Problems-500

A rental company charges a flat fee of x dollars for a floor sander rental plus y dollars per hour of the rental. One customer rents a floor sander for 4 hours and pays $63. Another customer rents a floor sander for 6 hours and pays $87. Find the flat fee and the cost per hour for the rental?

Since one person paid 6 hours and one paid 4, I looked for common multiples. I multiplied each of them by 12 and got 72 and 48. I subtracted 72 from 87 and got 15, then subtracted 48 from 63 and also got 15.

Flat Fee=$15

Cost per hour=$12

When should you use the three methods