Connections Comes to Oklahoma!

Be a part of building the special care industry in Tulsa!

Profits, Passion & Purpose in the Special Care Industry

Do you serve children, teens or adults with special needs? If so, this is your invitation to come hear Connections founder Lamarque Polvado talk about how your company can be a part of building the Special Care Industry in Oklahoma! More info on Connections Networking at the bottom of this flier.

Are you passionate about serving kids, teens, and adults who have special healthcare needs? Do you believe that patients come first and deserve the very best? Does your company aspire to be in the top 1% of companies in the Special Care Industry? If so, you will not want to miss this FREE presentation on profits, passion, and purpose in the Special Care Industry!

About Our Speaker

Lamarque Polvado is a nationally recognized speaker who was recently featured at TEDx Turtle Creek Women in Dallas, TX, where he shared major data supporting the case for the foundation of the Special Care Industry, as well his own personal story about his daughter, Ashlyn, who has special healthcare needs. Watch "Caring for Kids" below to hear the full talk!
Caring for kids: Lamarque Polvado at TEDxTurtleCreekWomen

"Profits, Passion & Purpose" - 1st Connections Networking Meeting in Tulsa

Wednesday, July 30th, 10-11:30am

La Madeleine Country French Café (1523 East 15th Street, Tulsa, OK 74120)

Come hear Lamarque present and network with your peers in the Special Care Industry!

Feel free to contact Lamarque at (817) 975-4111 with any questions!

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The Connections Project seeks to build the Special Care Industry through networking, intelligent referral and free information. Please invite others who provide any type of services for children, teens, or adults with special needs to join Connections Networking!