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About Canada

Capital: Ottawa

Location: In the northern part of the continent of North America

Language: English and French

Population: approximately 35 million





The CBCMUSIC.CA Festival is a famous festival. It signals that the beginning of the summer festival season is upon us. The third annual music festival happened on May 23 in Toronto at Echo Beach this year and featured performances from Bahamas, Patrick Watson, Joel Plaskett, Coeur de pirate, Jenn Grant, and more.
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  • Do not drink in public. Drinking alcohol in public is prohibited by law in all of Canada.
  • Do not smoke in British Columbia, smoking is banned on all public transport, in public buildings, including restaurants and bars, and workplaces.
  • Do not buy something from a person who offers you a great deal on the street, especially if you have to follow them somewhere.
  • Do follow the rules of etiquette for displaying the Canadian flag and give the Canadian flag prominence and honor. The Canadians take a hearty sense of national pride on their flag which should never be shown indignity or be displayed in an inferior manner.