Lancer Update 10.7.2021

From Mr. D'Abreu


We have so much to celebrate already this school year! A record-setting turnout for curriculum night as well as an amazing school-wide outdoor assembly - the first since March 2020!

My top 3 priorities for the school year are below. I look forward to partnering with you and creating a long-term vision for Helendale over the next several years. In each newsletter, I'll be highlighting how we are working toward these goals.

1. Student safety and social-emotional growth.

2. School-Family connections.

3. High-Quality Instruction on early literacy and math skills.

Community Connections!

This year, we will group homerooms by different "learning pods" so that we can foster connections both inside and outside of the classrooms. You may hear your student talking about wearing a team color on certain days this year - those are below. Our First POD day will be on 10/22 - there will be mini-assemblies for students that day.
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Covid- 19 / Student Health Update

Covid has certainly caused many inconveniences in our daily lives, and at times it is SUPER frustrating. I experienced this early in the week, as my son came down with a fever at daycare that turned out to be an ear infection. He still had to be out the next day, although he really was fine and we knew what was wrong by dinner time.

I had to remember that his daycare is following the same rules we are here at Helendale and although strict, are truly designed for safety. I am beyond grateful for all of you as we navigate this new year and how willing you are to understand that we often don't have much control of the situation if we are calling you about a sick child.

The MCDOH has sent new algorithms regarding the return of students to school after COVID symptoms. Students do not need a note of clearance from their doctor, but they still require the negative PCR test. You can get a free PCR test by searching one of these locations: Find a Test Site Near You | Department of Health (

Thank you!!

Your Feedback requested!

We are always looking to get better - would you mind taking one minute to fill out our survey for parent-teacher conferences? Please use your eldest child if you have multiple students.

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Save the dates!

10/11 - No school - Ingenious People's / Columbus Day

10/14 - PTA meeting 7:00 PM- on zoom & in person