Multigenera Project

Technology of Our Near Future


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt. Technology’s advances in our near future are filled with fantasy and wonder. These technologies will revolutionize the medical sciences, give people a more hands free lifestyle with voice command technology and offer a safer driving experience. The four technologies that I will highlight are; Bio and 3D printing, Google Glass and driverless cars.

3D printing is printing an object using a machine that is sort of like a copy machine but instead of printing something flat or 2 dimensional, the print is a 3 dimensional object. This advancement will help people by creating art, building tools and parts that are hard to obtain and really anything that you can imagine. Right now the technology exists but it is at the beginning stages.

Bioprinting is similar to 3D printing, only rather than using plastics or metal, this technology prints out living tissues out of “bio-ink”. This ink is made from living cells. Many scientists have been experimenting using this technology and can print a variety of working body parts including bones, teeth, arteries, a working ear and organs such as the heart, lungs, and kidneys. This is so early in the testing stages that it has only been used on small animals.

Google glass is a new type of mobile device that you wear on your face like glasses. It can be used as a camera, a phone and allows the wearer access the internet. This device offers hands free, voice command control.

The driverless car is a car that can actually drive itself. This car uses laser sensors, GPS, and cameras to help the car navigate on its own. The technology is still being tested and is under evaluation by the US Transportation Department. The statement released by the department says, “driverless cars will significantly increase driver safety when they are eventually rolled out.” These cars increase safety by eliminating the human errors that contribute to most car accidents.

In the near future, technology will greatly change and develop into an unimaginable world where people will hop into their car and tell it to drive them to a hospital where they can be fitted for a new heart built by a machine, while taking pictures along the road without touching a camera. These are just a few of the amazing technologies that will change our way of life. Making the dreams of today, the reality of tomorrow.


Future Detective

It’s March 19th, 2020, and I wake up as my new 3D projector tablet’s alarm sounds and flashes lights at the wall, and I lazily put on my Google glass and walk down the stairs. I love these glasses. It is like wearing a smart phone on your eyes. Before I reach the bottom of the stairs, I have already checked the weather and opened up my email. When I arrive at the table for breakfast, I open the news app on my touch screen table. The headline reads: BUST OF NEFERTITI STOLEN ON TOUR! this was posted: 2 hours ago.

I ran to my driverless car (which just was approved for public use back in January), and told it to drive me to the crime scene.

When I arrive at the museum, people are gathered around what appears to be the very statue that was supposedly just stolen. It was so chaotic and crowded, a security guard bumped into me. He hit me so hard that I accidentally took a picture of him with my Google glass, as he was running away with his big backpack. I did not understand why a museum guard needed a backpack but the real confusion was from the fact that the statue was still there. Had the news been wrong? Was the criminal caught and the statue returned? What happened here? I was answered when a police officer came to me and said, “Oh good, Detective! I’m glad you came, we need your help!”. “What happened here?” I asked. ”Well, this morning about 3 hours ago, the museum conservator was attempting to clean the statue just before the museum opening. While opening the case, he noticed the lock had been cut with what seemed to be a handheld laser cutter, but the statue was not missing. Or so he thought. But when he was cleaning it, he determined that it was not the same feel as before. And he was right. It was a plastic model of the statue!” He responded. This was a mystery. And I was going to solve it.

I got to thinking about how much technology has developed and changed in just the last 10 years. This crime could have never even happened in the past. The thief could only have gotten away with the crime without the help of the new super 3D printer that was recently released to the public. This machine is so accurate that it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the real object and the printed one.

Of course! Now we know how he kept the theft a secret for long enough for him to escape. Who would have access to the museum before it opened? Wait, It’s all coming to me! The guard with the big backpack! I had a picture of him from when he bumped into me. I access my Google glass by saying, “ok glass, view pictures” I command, “ok glass, do a face recognition on picture 4” my glass took a scan of the picture and the name of the guard was Joe G. Heck.

Everything came together! Joe is a wanted criminal! He must have faked being a guard! I ran to the police and gave them the information. The picture even showed where he was headed so we could catch him! We hopped into the police car and made plans on capturing him, while the car drove us to our desired location. He could only have gone to one place because the way he went led to one house and no others. When we arrived Joe Heck was arrested and we recovered several other stolen artifacts and retuned them to the museum.


Imagine a world of glass...

Imagine a world where simple voice commands are the way of life,

and the touch of your finger can command an army of machines.

Where reconstructing flesh is a common medical procedure.

Where nearly everyone wears a smart phone on there face as glasses

Where cars drive you, not the other way around.

Where technology is so abundant that we couldn't live without it

Imagine no such thing as a chore,

No buttons, levers, or dials.

Pure glass


Google Glass

A great tool for pretty much anything. A smart phone that you can were on your face, topped with voice commands and a whole lot of convenience.


An awesome choice of tech. Complete with “bio-ink” in a special type of 3D printer, and can allow the creation of fully functional organs and other tissues.

3D Printer

Quite a good choice for those who enjoy fabricating their own 3D models, art, and more. This specialty is fun and useful all in one! I recommend this to anyone!

Driverless Car

An amazing piece of transportation. Your very own, fully automatic, car. Drives all by itself to avoid accident. Get it now, for this may be a limited time offer if the NHTSA continue thinking about banning it.


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