What's Happening in PBS?

Week of 3/21-3/24


Please read this in its entirety because it contains a lot of important information.

First, here is what we are up to this week. Monday we will be recapping gel electrophoresis, practice micropippetting and watching a gel actually run. Then Tuesday the kids will be running their first gel elctrophoresis. Wednesday we will be observing the results and finishing up the assignment/medical history document. Any time we have left in class we will be reviewing. Thursday the kids take their test over what we have learned over the heart. They received their study guide last week.

As for HOSA this week:

  • Tuesday: Guest speaker in my room (E1). She is an anesthesiologist. Worth 10 PD points.
  • Thursday: Professional Dress Day
  • Remember to check out the website for all future HOSA opportunities: http://bsfchosa.weebly.com/calendar.html

Friday is the start of spring break! Which means that Thursday is my last day. Spring break will be the start of my maternity leave and I will not be returning until next August. Ben Maliwat will be my long term sub and I am fully confident that he will do a great job. Starting April 4th, if you have any inquiries about class, please email him at bmaliwat@bssd.net He will be in charge of all lesson activities, grading, etc. A key thing to note - Mr. Maliwat will not go back and edit any grades that are prior to April 4th! So if your student has missing work from absences, etc - it all needs to be turned in by my last day (March 24th) for any changes in grade to occur. I will explain this to the kids, but just so you are aware as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I appreciate your support this year as we have gone through PBS. It's been a pleasure working with your children and seeing them grow throughout the year. I wish them the best as they move on to their respective high schools.

Thank you!

Rachell Weiss