Whitney Wolves Weekly Update

10/2/20 "I am talented and intelligent."

Remote- Learning Days

I've had several families ask about the format of TEAMS livestreaming activities. As we move towards the end of September you will notice predictable patterns for each scheduled day.

The structure that all three 3-5 schools in Enfield are following is designed to help keep students at home engaged with appropriate amounts of screen time, that allows for mask breaks, hand washing breaks, etc...for classmates in the building.

Each day, teachers will livestream a mini lesson for each core subject area. These lessons will run approximately 10-20 minutes each, depending on the material and the grade level of the students. Each lesson is followed by an independent assignment to allow students to practice the skills from the lesson. Classrooms will also typically hold some type of community meeting during the beginning of each day. All students should have their cameras on to ensure that they are participating in the class as they would if they were at home. Students must log back on for each lesson and turn in assignments to receive attendance credits. Live and remote attendance is monitored closely by the school and district, and is reported to the State of Connecticut Department of Education to ensure fidelity of educational opportunity is offered and delivered to all students. When your child's assignments are complete, please have them submit them by the deadlines posted for feedback and credit.

Since all students participate remotely on Wednesdays, the schedule will look a little different than the other four days. However, none of the 3-5 classrooms in the district are using TEAMS to livestream classroom content all day long, on any day of the week.


We have now been working with our children for four weeks. We are going to make the following adjustments to recess protocols.

  • Cohort boxes must be utilized for single classrooms
  • Classroom plastic playground equipment may be used, but must be laid on a plastic sheet nightly for cleaning before next days use.
  • Children must wash hands before and after recess.
  • Children may not share playground equipment.
  • Masks: Children must wear masks if playing within 6 feet of each other. The mask is allowed to be removed only if they are outside 6' or more from another individual.
  • We will begin to open the playscape to one cohort at a time. We will monitor the use and effectiveness of protocols. Please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Wash hands before and after use
  2. Masks must stay on regardless of distance between students
  3. Social distance rules still apply. 6ft. apart
  4. Only one class on the place-scape at a time per recess session
  5. Rotate use of playscapes so that all classes have an opportunity to use it once a week.

COHORT B- Fire Drill


Cohort A: 11/2 , Retakes 12/8

Cohort B: 10/30, Retakes: 12/10

Cohort D: 11/2 3:45-5:45, Retakes 12/8 3:45-5:45


10/12 No School- Columbus Day

10/13 No School- PD

10/16 Notify School if changing cohorts deadline

10/28 Early Release

10/30 Cohort B picture day

11/2 Cohort A Picture Day

11/3 No School

11/10 Early Release- Conferences

11/11 No School

11/12 Early Release- Conferences

11/25- Early Release

11/26-11/27 No School Thanksgiving Break

12/8 Retakes Cohort A in school and D 3:45-5:45

12/9 Early Release

12/10 Cohort B retakes in school

12/23-12/31 Christmas Vacation

1/1 No School