Jackie Chan

成 龙

Have you watched Jackie Chan’s movie? If you haven’t, perhaps you’ve heard him. He is a well-known Chinese martial artist after Bruce Lee.

Jackie was born in 1954 in Hong Kong. His real name is 陈港生 ( chén gǎng shēng ), literally, born in Hong Kong. Later he changed his name as his stage name 成龙 ( chéng lóng ), literally, “become a dragon” and has been known as it ever since.

Raised in a very poor family in Hong Kong, he didn’t do well at school. At age 6, he was sent to a drama school to study Peking Opera and martial arts. As the Peking Opera gradually loses its audience, later he switched his gear to Hong Kong film industry.

In 1972, he worked as a stuntman in the Bruce Lee’s film “Fist of Fury”. After Bruce Lee died , Jackie starred the movie “New Fist of Furry”, which he modeled after Bruce Lee in “Fist of Furry” and changed his staged name as 成 龙 。However, the film was not successful. His major breakthrough was “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow” which he established a comedic style action movie.

Jackie launched Hollywood in the 80’s. His “Rush Hour” series (1998-2007) generated a great success worldwide at box office. In 2010 he starred with Jaden Smith in “The Karate Kid” and the film grossed 176.7 million in the US and Canada after 101 days of release. Jackie performs most of his own stunts himself and he is very proud of it.

Jackie married to an actress and had one son. However, he has a few affairs throughout his career and the one in 1999 brought him a daughter. Ironically, his son was arrested of using illegal drug by Beijing police in August 2014.

Jackie's Charity Work


Jackie not only has a big success in his film business, but has a heart to the society in various ways. His Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation was found in 1988 and offered scholarships to young people in Hong Kong.

龙子心 (lóng zǐ xīn )

In 2004, Jackie stretched his helping hand to reach people in other part of the globe. His second foundation, The Dragon's Heart Foundation (龙子心 lóng zǐ xīn ) , was founded. Through his Build a School project, Jackie provided education opportunities to children in the remote areas in China and around the Planet Earth.

If you never watched his movies, then rent one tonight. With a bowl of popcorn, maybe Jackie will give you a fun night.

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