Tiong Bahru Housing Estate

By the JARS

Interviewee 1

  • Lived for 5 years in Tiong Bahru

  • Bought her house for a quarter million (SERS project)

  • Thinks there is insufficient facilities for the elderly

  • Has a good relationship with her neighbours

  • Likes Tiong Bahru

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Interviewee 2

  • Lived in Tiong Bahru for 6 months
  • Rented her house for a reasonable price
  • She thinks the facilities are sufficient
  • She is not close to her neigbours
  • Likes Tiong Bahru as it is convenient

Interviewee 3

  • Lived in Tiong Bahru since young
  • Bought his house for a reasonable price
  • He thinks there are good facilities, especially for the elderly
  • He is close with his neighbours
  • Likes Tiong Bahru

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Land Use Survey

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This land use survey shows us a distribution of a variety of housing appartments and shop houses, some which still have the old tiong bahru traditions in them while some are renovated to meet the daily requirements morden tiong bahru. Further more they even hve a park beside the 1st row of shop houses , a community club , 7-eleven outlets and atms.


Sketch on Tiong bahru

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  1. The building found there are only two to 5 stories high unlike now which has many floors. The old building have very unique stairs like the spiral staircase which is different from the one we have in typical housing ( hdb )..Furthermore , the houses back then were very spacious unlike now as Singapore , now has to make space for the huge rising population. Moreover, nowadays we even have bomb shelter room in each and every household unlike the older times where for example they only had air raid shelter. Now even have amenities such as lifts and facilities such as stairs in HBD houses. This shows that Singapore, our little red dot, has really developed in a third world country.