Pollution and Conservation

By Veda V


Pollution has been an enormous complication in the US, and we've tried numerous concepts to help prevent it, including conserving our remaining resources. As humans, we are the ones who cause these problems, so we should be the ones who help resolve them. Did you know that less than 2% of the Earth's water supply is fresh water, which means we should be conserving our available water. If we don't make an impact now, our next generation will be left with a waterless world. The effects of air pollution can affect our lives, and inhaling air pollution takes away at-least 1-2 years of our lives.


MarineBio is a non-profit organization who help to bring awareness of marine conservation. Their purpose is to protect the oceans, so show your support and help out. They want to see a better future for us, so we should respect that and be kind to our environment.