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Kaleb Snider

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The difference between a credit card and a debit card

A debit card takes money out your current account and you have the money already in your accounts. A credit card lets you borrow money but you have pay at a latter date with interest.

Three Ways you can develop a positive credit history

Pay your entire bill ever month. It is bad to pay the minimum because that means you are not paying it in full. Another on is make all of your payments on time. Making payments late makes your credit score get lower. Last let your account age. The longer you have accounts open makes your credit score go up.

Five different financial websites that help people manage their money

On it helps people with easy budgeting, free credit score, alerts and advice, investment tracking. On helps you by having a dedicated financial planner, fully-customized financial plan that helps balance your wants and needs, and online tools, classes, and articles to help you put the advice into action. On it helps you with bookkeeping, having tax experts, and accounts mangers. On it helps with putting the right investments in the right account, has financial advisers, and has automated wealth management. On it helps you with a plan, fund your investment portfolio, looks out for your best interests, and thoughtful transition of your assets.

Three advantages and three disadvantages of using credit

For advantages, one is protection of purchases because it something is lost or damaged your credit card statement can back you up. Another on is emergencies because if your car break down, you don't have that money laying around. The last one is credit card benefits because you can get air miles and cashback for using your credit card. For disadvantages, one is spending too much money because now you have a way to spend money on something that you don't have the money for. Another on is high interest rates because if you pay the minimum, it goes up. The last one is credit card fraud because somebody can steal your information and use your credit card.

What is APR?

APR is your numeric representing your interest rate. Which id a big thing for getting a credit card because you want a low interest rate. It is like if you want to a car for $3,500 with 18% interest and you pay $60 a month. You would pay $8,379.99 in total over 140 months and paying $4,879.99 in finance charge.
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Free Credit Score

You can get a free credit score every 12 months. You can get it in three different way. First is go to Second is call 877 FACT ACT. Third is request a form and mail it to Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281. Credit score are important because it allow you to buy a house or a car. It lets you get a loan. If you come up on an error, you should contact Equifax, Experian, TransUnion.

Credit counseling agency

If you are having credit agency go see a credit counseling. They well give you advice. In that advice like solutions for short-term financial difficult and solutions for long-term financial difficulty. There are places in Ohio like, Consumer Credit Counseling Services on 5555 Renner Road or call (614)-552-2222.
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