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Dear Parents,

This has been a fantastic week! We enjoyed having all mommies come visit to give them warm wishes on their special day. We had lots of fun making smoothies and trail mix with their help. This week we have discussed how wheels are made, where they come from, and what are they made from? We have been investigating how to get air into balloons and the way they pop since wheels are filled with air as well. Moreover, we spoke about the speed of wheels and how they help us move. Together we had a race with different cars coming down from ramps, and saw how fast the car goes depends on different aspects; the steepness of the ramp, friction with the wheels, and weight of the object. Of course we are still practicing our letters and numbers with several entertaining games with our teachers and friends. We have been making holiday crafts to take home and celebrate this blissful time of the year with our families!

To end on a high note our wheels unit we have arranged a (drums please…) FIELDTRIP!!! PK. 4 will be visiting the auto repair shop 'Auto Trends' on Thursday December 17th.

Please email me of you have any questions.

Mother's Day Celebration

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Books we enjoyed

Being a Writer and Illustrator

This week we continued our "Being a Writer" activity. Students got together in groups with a teacher to write their own stories. We decided on titles and illustrated our cover pages last Thursday and Friday and worked on illustrations this week.

Gallery of the Week


End of the year celebration - December 16th at 10:30am. All parents are invited to come and celebrate with us! We hope to see you here!
Last day of school - Friday December 18th (half day)
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