NBFAP Weekly Newsletter

January 25, 2016

What's Happening This Week...

Wednesday January 27:

  • Intercessory Prayer 6:30pm
  • Bible Study 7:00pm

Friday January 29:

  • Youth Rehearsal 6:30pm: Parents please bring your children out to prepare for the upcoming Youth Sunday; please see the Youth Sunday Information section below for further details
  • Teachers Certification: The certification will be held in Austin, TX at Phoenix University by Apostle Daniels. The registration cost is $35 this covers, the class, the materials, and a certificate. Please see Elder Williams to register

Saturday January 30:

  • Teachers Certification in Austin, TX

Sunday January 31:

  • Annual Church Fair 9:30am: all are invited to participate! Directors, table cloths and skirts will be handed out Wednesday following Bible Study. Please wear your "I Love My Church" T-shirts
  • Youth Sunday

DIY: Family Time Project

This DIY project is something that the entire family can do and enjoy… Let's make a delicious fruit Pizza the kids will love it!

This is what you will need:

1 package of cookie dough (Sugar cookie, if you love chocolate I suggest chocolate chip)

1 package of Cream cheese

2 TBS of Sugar

3 to 4 types of fruit of your choice (I suggest that you stay away from fruit that has high water content, this will make your fruit pizza soggy)

1 package of fresh Strawberry

4 to 5 Kiwi
1 package of fresh blueberries
1 package of fresh black berries

Pam cooking spray

How to make it…

A large pizza pan would be ideal, but if you don't have one a large cookie sheet will also do the trick.

Spray the your pan with the cooking spray evenly

Spread your cookie dough evenly over the entire pan, cook at 350 for 12 to 15 minutes or until cookie is golden brown

Let your cookie cool for about 10 to 15 minutes

While your cookie is cooling take your cream cheese in a medium mixing bowl
Add your sugar and mix well…

This will be a good time to wash all of your fresh fruit and slice your strawberries and kiwi

Once your cookie is cool, spread your cream cheese mixture over your cookie, you can use all of it or just a portion...I personally like to use all of it.

Then take your fruit and place it on your cookie in any pattern you like...the kids will love doing this.

Once you have added all of your fruits slices, enjoy!

Min Betty Hayes

In Case You Missed It...

Yesterday's message "God I want to go all the way in my ministry and my life," was given by Elder Hayes. The scripture text were II King 13:14-18; Luke 5:1-5; Mark 14:35-40.

We have to have the desire and drive to do the things we promised ourselves we will do this year. When we loose our desire and drive, WE are the problem. We come to church to get our deliverance, but we don't have the discipline to study where we are weak.

This year we must go in with a new attitude and a new focus. We sing the song "Chasing After You" but we only understand in a worship setting. However we don't do chase after God when we are going through. We must have the mindset of whatever I have to do... praying, fasting, and seeking the Word of God.

We tend to loose our drive and give up on what God promises us because we can become tired, have physical limitations, or we display passive aggressive behaviors. These are manifestations of the flesh. The manifested flesh has to bow to the manifested glory. The scripture tells us that the priest could not stand to minster because of the glory of God. The manifested glory keeps me, even when circumstances knock us down to our knees... this paces us in the position where we prostrate before God and we are unable to stand or speak because of the manifested glory of God.

You must get to a place where you want to live under the glory cloud and stay there and feel the presence of God. There you will say " I want to go all the way."

NBFAP Admin team

Youth Sunday Information

Hello Parents!

The following information is for the upcoming Youth Sunday on January 31, 2016.

The theme for Youth Sunday is Freedom. In addition to praise and worship, a skit/dance will be performed as well. So all youth and teens are encouraged to participate.

The songs for Youth Sunday are:
I AM FREE by Newsboys /I'M FREE... praise the Lord I'm free/ FREEDOM by Eddie James


Moving Forward by Hezekiah Walker

The first three songs will be conducted as a medley. Further instructions in regards to this will be explained during rehearsals, which will be held every Friday at 6:30pm leading up to Youth Sunday.

The dress attire will be the I love my church t-shirts and jeans.

For any further details or instructions or if you would like to help, please see Deaconess Russell.

Donations for Min Cooper

Please remember that Sis Cole is accepting donations for Min Cooper.

Thanks NBFAP Admin Team

Remember The Deployed

If you would like to keep in touch with the members of the body who are currently deployed or if you would like to send a care package, the addresses as well as the email addresses are listed below. Please keep all of the deployed military members in prayer.

Erica Raby

CW2 Raby, Erica

46th Transportation CO.

Unit # 15382


APO, AP 96257


Brent Raby

SSG Raby, Brent

602nd Support

Maintenance Company

APO, AE 09330


Casey Guidry

SPC Guidry

602nd SMC

APO AE 09330


Latoya Ruiz

Unit 15855

APO AP 96224


Deacon Prince


Please click on the title.

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