Healthy Eating

Sean Thornton

How to become a healthier eater

To become a healthier eater you must eat more fruits and vegetables. Also, keep moving, try not to watch TV because TV Commercials about food can make you hungary. Also you are at a grocery store, look at the labels. Lastly, control food portions, eat less fats and more vegetables.

How to lose calories and fat

Exercise to become stronger and healthier

Really, there are a lot of exercise places all over the world to chose from. Such as, Insanity, LA Fitness, and Extreme Fitness. These are very good places to go to and are fairly reliable. Exercising is a great way to lose pounds, calories, and become a healthier person. Exercising is something you can do everyday, if you do, within a month or even a week, you will see different and great results.
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