TV Show Intro Music Re-Makes

Using Garage Band

The Challenge

You will be working with a partner to develop a new theme song for a television show of your choice using Garage Band.

Your theme song will need to be no more than 45 seconds in length and created using the loops or instrument features of Garage Band. (After you find your intro video on YouTube - check to see how long the intro is.)

Each television show will only be allowed to be used by two groups in each class. (Example: only two groups in 4th period will be able to use "The Walking Dead" for their TV show.)

  • This project will be counted as a MAJOR Grade in the grade book.
  • This project is due on FRIDAY, December 4th

Pick Your TV Show Intro

Click the link to view the folder in my Google Drive of all the TV Show Intro choices:

View the folder here

  • Day 1: Begin playing with Garage Band and get to know the program. Practice with a partner adding loops and music. Decide on TV show intro you are going to re-do and sign up with Mrs. Carpenter. Only two teams per tv show---to allow for some differences.

  • Day 2: Clip your video as needed in iMovie and export the video. Then pull the video into GarageBand and begin adding loops. Save your work.

  • Day 3: Continue to work on creating music in Garage Band. If you have finished your completed music piece, export your video and music together from GarageBand. Name the file "TVIntro-(yournames)"

  • Day 4: Wrap up creating your song in Garage Band. Export as necessary.

  • Day 5: Export your project from Garage Band with both the video and music. Name the file "TVIntro-(yournames)"

If we all finish the project early, we will start presenting projects early, which allows us to move on to other fun video projects!

Sign Up for Your TV Show Intro

In order to track who is working with who, and which groups are doing what TV Show, you MUST complete this form to continue with your project, AND Mrs. Carpenter must approve your show before you can move on.

Click to Complete the Form

Download Your Video from Google Drive

To download the video of your TV Show Intro, visit the following Google Drive Folder (you must have a Midlo ISD Account to access):

-Google Drive Folder of TV Show Intros

Video: Clip Your Video in iMovie

Watch the video on Mrs. Carpenter's Google Drive below to learn how to clip your video in iMovie:

Video: Combine Video with Audio in Garage Band

Watch the video below on how to pull your video into Garage Band and add loops to it.

Videos: Use Loops and Export in Garage Band

Garage Band Tutorials

Garage Band (Beginner Tutorial) HD Tutorial#1

Submitting Your Movie for Grading

Once you have completed your video in iMovie, and exported it as a .mov file (see the video linked above on how to export,) you will need to do the following to turn in your file.

  1. Upload the movie to your "Tech Apps" folder in your MISD Google Drive
  2. Share the file with both your partner and Mrs. Carpenter.
  3. Copy the "share" link and paste the link inside the appropriate assignment box in Google Classroom.


Here are some stellar examples from students in the past: