By: Ryan Williams


This country is Lithuania and was not a founder of the EU. Lithuania joined the EU in 2004.

History of Lithuania

Lithuania was part of the Soviet Union for 50 years until they declared their independence in 1990, but wasn't recognized until 1991. Lithuania is located in Eastern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, west of Belarus, and between Latvia and Russia.


The Lithuanian Flag is three equal horizontal bands of yellow, green, and red. The yellow symbolizes golden fields, the green symbolizes the forests of the countryside, and the red represents the courage and the blood spilled in defense of the homeland.


The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius and some major cities are Kaunas, Jonava, Alytus, Utena, and klaipêda. In Lithuania the government is parliamentary democracy. The currency now is the euro, but before that they used litas. One litas equaled .33 cents in the US.


The geography of Lithuania is fertile central plains with hilly uplands. The three best tourist spots are the hill of crosses which is just a hill of crosses, Gediminas Tower which is located in Vilnius, Lithuania, and the Island Castle of Traikai which is located in Galva Lake.

Interesting Facts

  • The national bird is a white stork
  • Population is 3.3 million
  • The Lithuanian language is the oldest and existing language of the Indo-European category