Peek at the Week

Week of 5/2/16

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Enjoy Lunch All Week!

Food will be provided this week in the teacher's lounge for teachers and staff! Please keep in mind we have a staggered lunch and upper grade teachers will not be in the staff room until 12:30, please be mindful to leave food for those who come to eat after you!


This Week

RESCHEDULED: May 2, 4:30-6pm, Interim Housing Committee (Toller, Wong, Ratto, Morgan)

May 2, 3-4pm SEL Team Meeting (Alexander, Cuny, Toller, Sullivan, Wong, Havenar

May 3- 3pm Faculty Council (Wolfe, Ross, Collins, Takimoto, Toller)

May 5, 6 - 7:30pm Open House

May 6- Wellness Committee Meeting (Toller, Cuny, Cabral, Schenker, Sanchez)

May 6, Science Fair

Coming up!

May 9- Faculty Meeting (Pink & Blue Cards)

May 10, 3pm - ILT

May 11- Glenview Construction Team Meeting (Miller, Ross, Ratto, Toller)

May 12- Bike to School Day

May 12- ILT Retreat (Morgan, Fowlkes, Alexander, Witte, Miller, Wong, Wolfe, Plambeck)

May 18- Interim Housing Committee Meeting (Morgan, Toller, Ratto, Wong)

May 25- SEL Retreat (Cuny, Alexander, Brodsky, Sullivan, Wong, Smith, Litt, Toller, Morgan)

2016 Assemblies

5/13 Glenview LGBTQ Pride Day

5/10, EarthCapades (Environmental and Science Assembly) K-2: 12:45- 1:30, Grades 3-5: 1:50-2:35

6/1, 9:30-10:15am 2nd and 3rd Grade Drumming Performance

Save the Date!

5/31, BOOM BALL!

5/14, Saturday, Glenview PTA is planning a Goodbye Glenview party...share the invite with alumni!

6/1- Retirement Party

Moving Minds- Instruction and Academics

2015-16 Oakland Unified Big Question of the Year

2015-16 Big Question

How are we aligning strategies for all targeted groups to ensure closing achievement gaps?

Open House Expectations

The purpose of Open House is for parents to learn about their child's year. It is also an opportunity for you to show pride in your classroom and your work with your students!


- Your room is tidy and organized
- Student work up in the hall and in the classroom.

- Hallway bulletin boards should not be empty....


Thanks to Ms. Plambeck, Mr. Takimoto and Coach C. for leading a great PD to prepare us for our upcoming LGBTQ Pride day and to help us reflect on how to create a more inclusive school every day.

SBAC Shout Out!

Thanks to all 3rd - 5th Grade teachers for their flexibility and patience with SBAC testing the last few weeks!

Thanks to our Coach C, Ms. Cabral, and Ms. Erica for proctoring the test!

Thanks to Mr. Miller for monitoring our chromebook carts and providing DTL support!
Thanks to Ms. Morgan for her test coordinating, attention to the prep. calendar and giving all the make up tests!

Thanks to Ms. Negin and Ms. Bri for making sure our PEC students were testing according to their IEP requirements!

It takes a village to standardize test a school! Thanks to everyone for your support!

Online Math Program Pilot

This month, Mr. Alexander, Mr. Miller, Ms. Plambeck and Mr. Litt are piloting an online math program called ST Math.

If you want to learn more about this program and how it could support student growth and create a blended learning environment in you classroom, talk to our pilot-ers!

Thank you to Mr. Miller for taking the lead on this!

F & P

All students need an accurate end of year F & P score. Begin to assess a few students a day so you do not get caught off guard at the end of the year! Regular instruction is still expected to continue even while you begin to assess.

Professional Development This Week

Content Focus: Science

-We will discuss: questioning strategies to deepen and extend student thinking

Mindfulness: 4/27 (Sullivan)

- Science Folder

- Class Science Fair project board (in whatever state it is in)

Summer School! - refer students now!

We now have 20 spots held in Summer School for our students. The site location will be Sequoia from June 20-July 15.

Student names were due last week. Thank you to Mrs. Wong who referred three of her students. Hope to hear from more teachers this week!.

Ms. Morgan has been selected as the summer school principal so please refer all questions and student names to her.

Summer Balanced Literacy Training

LAST CHANCE to Attend this Great Training!

Sign up for the Teacher's College Reading Workshop- Monday-Thursday the week of July 25th from 9:00-3:00. To register for the Reading Workshop training please have your teachers sign up on ontrack for PD.

K-2 PD 6542

3-5th PD 6543

Kudos to Mrs. Wong, Mr. Miller, Ms. Brodsky, and Mr. Litt who have already signed up!

Moving Bodies- Operations & Logistics

Saturdays at Glenview

School will be open on the following Saturdays:



Text or email Chelsea in advance if you are coming in to work....cell: 408-489-6840

From the Superintendent

Date: June 7

Host school: Sequoia

Invited schools: Glenview, Garfield, Fruitvale


One of my priorities with the district is to engage and get connected with our employees. It is very important to me to hear from you regarding those opportunities that are most important to you and for me to be able to communicate my vision for the district. To accomplish this, I will be hosting a voluntary school site Faculty Focus Visit. The meeting is open to teachers & staff from Sequoia, Glenview, Garfield, and Fruitvale.

Below is a draft agenda for the meeting:

4:00-4:05pm Welcome by Host Principals

4:05-4:30pm Superintendent's Pathways to Excellence Plan, Recognition & Shout Outs

4:30-5:00pm Q&A

I look forward to engaging with you! If you have any questions about the meeting, please reach out to my assistant, Aiyana Mourtos at



Moving Hearts

Thursday, May 12th is Safe Routes to School Day!

Get out your bikes because Safe Routes to School Day is right around the corner! Glenview will have the smoothie bike, coffee, and bagels to enjoy at the beginning of school as students, parents, and teachers bike into work.

Safe Routes to School is a comprehensive, proven approach to getting more kids walking and biking safely to school. It gives kids and parents skills, encouragement, and inspiration through a range of activities, events, and lessons, while also addressing local pedestrian and personal safety concerns.

Please let your students know to bring their bikes on Thursday, May 12th. Fliers will also be handed out to each class to help remind students of this upcoming event! And if you have a bike, please consider riding in yourself -- even if just part of the way. No doubt the students will love seeing their favorite teachers cruising in on a bicycle!

RJ/SEL Online Referral Form

Do you need RJ/SEL support? If you have a request for RJ/SEL resources, please complete the online RJ Referral Form. Questions? Please email