The Cost of Security

Saint Joseph School

Summary Overview

A plan to address the significant security needs at Saint Joseph School is outlined below. To provide our children with a safe and secure campus in the 21st Century the estimated cost to our community is $373,000 in initial investment.
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Entrance and Exit

To facilitate a secure entrance during school hours the former library is being converted to the main office and entrance to the campus. The cafeteria entrance will be decommissioned during school hours and the exterior hardware and doors replaced. The estimated cost of this conversion including entrance doors, an entrance awning, an interior receiving area, and HVAC needs is $40,000.

Ensuring a more secure entrance before school, after school, and for events includes a new gated entry along the main office to replace the existing fencing. Resurfacing, fencing, and modernization of this entry is estimated to cost $110,000.

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Perimeter Fencing

The five to six foot existing chainlink fencing is in ill-repair, and is not up to the task of limiting access to the campus. New campus steel perimeter fencing is estimated to require a $165,000 investment (this includes five walking gates and three car gates, one automated). To undertake a good-neighbor project and repair existing property fencing and to fence off open access areas of the St. Joseph and Diocesan property to fully address the foot-traffic and presence of transient camps in the gulch would require an additional investment.

Digital Security

To assist in identifying forced entry and establishing a campus lockdown as well as to deter vandalism and uninvited guests, security camera coverage and external all-call systems need to be incorporated into the existing system. The estimated cost of installing a campus-wide all-call system is $8,000 and the estimate for security camera coverage is $10,000.


With elements of the facility approaching 70 years in age the deteriorating doors and hardware present a security concern in the event that we have an intruder on campus. The estimated cost to redress the facility doors, including classrooms, is $40,000.