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Week of March 7th, 2022

In case you missed it.....

Important Dates

Monday, March 7th - Day 1

  • Last day for our Florabunda Seed Fundraiser

Tuesday, March 8th - Day 2

Wednesday, March 9th - Day 3

Thursday, March 10th - Day 4

  • 12:45pm: The Great Big Crunch! (see below)

Friday, March 11th - Day 0


Upcoming Dates:

  • March 11th - 20th: March Break
  • March 30th - Picture Day

Covid Screener and Attestation Form

Our most important tool to keep schools safe is daily, active screening of all students and staff. Anyone who has symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 or is a confirmed positive case must self-isolate, regardless of vaccination status. Please ensure that you complete the screener and attestation form for each child, each day.

Here is what you need to remember:

1. The COVID-19 provincial school screening tool must be completed by EVERY staff and student daily:

2. Students (every single one in every family) have to also now complete an attestation form daily at the following link:

If ANY signs of illness are present (Covid or not) staff and students are NOT to attend school. Completing the provincial Covid screener will give you the info you need to know your next steps.

The Great Big Crunch

The Great Big Crunch is a time dedicated to celebrating healthy food at school and highlighting the need for a universal, healthy school food program for Canada.

This year is a historic moment for the development of a school food program across Canada. The federal government is taking action on its 2019 commitment to a Canada-wide healthy school food program, pledging $1 Billion over 5 years to develop a school food program and has included the first ever commitments in two mandate letters.

This year once again we will be celebrating this event together, it’s a truly momentous occasion! Our Great Big Crunch will take place on Thursday at 12:45pm. There will be a countdown on the announcements - followed by crunching in each class.

I look forward to our synchronized "crunch" together on Thursday at 12:45pm!

Florabunda Fundraising for School Council

Calling all Gardeners!

Your KHPS School Council is excited to announce our new fundraiser, which will run from February 17 to March 7. We’ve partnered with Florabunda Seeds, a local company that offers a wide variety of heirloom and unusual flower, vegetable, and herb seeds. Florabunda Seeds is based in Keene, and their seeds have been planted in gardens around the world! Our fundraiser offers a limited variety of seed collections and mixes, but if you’d like to see their full product list or learn more about Florabunda you can visit their website at

How it works:

· Share the Florabunda Seeds flyer with your family and friends (electronically)

· In addition to the Collections and Mixes in the flyer, we can offer individual packages ($3.50 each) of:

o Four O’Clocks (annual flower)

o Dahlias (annual flower)

o Bush Beans - Green Burpee Stringless (vegetable)

o Cucumber – Marketmore (vegetable)

o Lettuce - Great Lakes (vegetable)

· Keep track of any orders you receive from family and friends. Attached is a form you may choose to use (this is only for you – not to submit to the school)

· Once you have collected all your orders, log into School Cash Online account by March 7 to enter the totals for each item and complete the online payment.


· PLEASE NOTE: Orders will only be accepted through School Cash Online. Paper order forms are for your records only.

· Students are NOT to go door to door. Please only sell to family and friends.

· Any variety no longer available/sold out will be substituted

We expect to have orders ready for distribution the week of March 21st.

In addition to generously offering the school 50% of total sales, Florabunda is offering a prize to our top three sellers!

· The top seller gets a Collection of their choice ($15 value)

· The second highest seller will receive their choice of Special Mixes ($5 value)

· The third-place seller can choose any Regular Package ($3.50 value)

Thank you for supporting our School Council fundraising!

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Big picture

Plant Goals Fundraiser

During the month of March, we are running one additional fundraiser to support the great initiatives at our school. Many of you may be familiar with the wonderful plant store on Water Street called Plant Goals. Through this fundraiser, 10% of all sales comes back to the school.

There are 3 ways to connect to the fundraiser:

  1. Use our special link:
  2. Use the code KHPS at checkout
  3. Tell store staff to enter the code KHPS at the shop

When you visit using this link: it will also show a little popup at the bottom of the site that says 10% is being donated.

Time to prepare for spring and have a little green added to your home! Please consider supporting the school with this great fundraiser.

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News from the KPR Board Office

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy sunny Friday!

As we welcome a new month, we would like to acknowledge that March is Bangladeshi Heritage Month and Irish Heritage Month. We appreciate the valuable contributions and accomplishments of both the Bangladeshi and Irish communities in our schools, communities and beyond. March is also Nutrition Month. Ontario’s Student Nutrition Guidelines help schools choose a balance of healthy options for school lunch and nutrition programs.

On International Women’s Day, March 8, we celebrate women and girls, in all their diversities. It is an opportunity to learn and raise awareness about gender equality, gender identity and gender expression, and the intersections of race, ethnicity, sexuality, faith, socioeconomic status, and ability. Port Hope High School student, Taylor Leadbeater, created a beautiful mural celebrating Canadian women. We are pleased to feature Taylor’s incredible artwork on the KPR website, in honour of International Women’s Day.

We continue to hold in our thoughts all people impacted by the global conflict in Ukraine. For our students, families and community, we recognize there will be many responses to the conflict. KPR’s Professional Services Staff have been sharing resources and strategies this week with schools to help support our students. The KPR website includes information about how to help students cope with tragic events.

This week’s #WeAreKPR story highlights the kindness and compassion of Queen Mary PS students! Over 100 students came together this fall to create cards, drawings and messages to welcome newcomers to the community. Learn more about this amazing act of kindness.

I look forward to celebrating more positive stories like this in the weeks and months ahead.

Take care,



Virtual Learning For the 2022-2023 School Year

KPR schools and classrooms continue to provide rich, varied in-person learning experiences for all students. For those who wish, we are also offering families the ability to choose online learning for the 2022-23 school year. While final details are still being confirmed, our online programs will continue to follow the same basic structure students have followed this year. If parents and guardians register for the Virtual Learning Program now, they will be registering their child for the 2022/2023 school year. An option to return to your home school will be provided to students prior to school start-up in September 2022.

The registration window for virtual learning during the 2022-23 school year is March 8, 2022 – March 29, 2022, and the registration link will be available on the home page.

Elementary virtual learning

  • Virtual students will continue to participate in synchronous and asynchronous learning, following the same general schedule for the school day.
  • Students will be able to enter or exit full-time virtual learning at three designated times in the school year: September 1, November 2022 (progress report time), and February 2023.

Secondary virtual learning

  • Virtual High School will also include synchronous and asynchronous learning.
  • Secondary schools in the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board will be returning to a semester system beginning September 2022. The Virtual High School, like all KPR secondary schools, will utilize a semester system, where students will take up to four credits in each semester.
  • Students will be able to enter or exit full-time virtual learning at the semester start-up in September 2022 and February 2023.
  • Registering now will confirm participation in virtual learning before the 2022-23 school year begins. Please note we cannot offer courses virtually if they have an in-person component (e.g., cooperative education).

Updated School Screening Tool

Completing the provincial screening tool daily, and staying home when ill, remains one of the most important things we can do to keep schools safe and healthy for everyone.

The COVID-19 school and child care screening tool has been updated to align with the recent changes made to federal travel requirements. If you’re planning to travel during the March Break, it is important to review the federal travel guidelines.

Virtual Kindergarten Information Session

On March 30th at 6:30 pm, KPR is hosting a free, virtual Kindergarten Information Session to learn more about Kindergarten in the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board. Parents, guardians, caregivers and grandparents are invited to learn valuable tips and tools, including a live Q and A, to support a successful school journey at KPR.

Registration information is available at

One more thing....

As we had into the last 4 days before the break, I want to take a minute to thank our wonderful community for all your support and understanding these past many months. We've heard enough that these are "extraordinary" times, but they truly have tested our spirit and resolve at times! We are all so thankful to be living and working in a such a wonderful community!

Wishing you and your family a great break away from the daily routine - whatever that might look like for you :)

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