An Interview with Mrs. Dollinger

By: Jordyn Power

Mrs. Dollinger taking Business and Management at Tomball High School by storm

Mrs. Dollinger always had her heart set on teaching children ever since she was young. She has an incredible passion for teaching kids the art of Business and Management and having fun while doing it. She loves making connections with all of her students throughout her teaching career. She teaches a variety of courses in grades 9-12th.

Mrs. Dollinger obtained her bachelor's degree in Business and Education degree at Sam Houston University.Her passion for working with youth led her back to Sam Houston State University where I earned a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction.

Mrs. Dollinger teaches a variety of different classes such as: Advertising and Sale Promotion, BIM1, Business and Law, Digital and Interactive Media, and Sports and Entertainment Marketing.

She has been teaching in the Tomball ISD school district since 2009.

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Mrs. Dollinger during Picture Day at Tomball High School

Mrs. Dollinger is posing for her perfect picture for Picture Day.

Mrs. Dollinger is passionate about teaching

Here are some facts that I uncovered during my interview:

Grade levels taught:

Grades 9-12th grade

Classes she teaches:

  • Advertising and Sale Promotion
  • BIM1
  • Business and Law
  • Digital and Interactive Media
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Classroom Environment:

  • 30 computers, one for each student
  • Assignments hung on the walls
  • Area for turning in work
  • Music softly being played while the students worked
  • 4 file cabinets for storage

Strategies used:

  • Students working by themselves to get their reviews for the upcoming test finished
  • Thoroughly answers students questions
  • Takes attendance
  • Only lets one student use the restroom at a time
  • Designated place to turn in assignments

Hours per week:

  • 50-55 hours per week

Biggest Challenge:

  • Trying to relate and connect to students that don't want to make connections or a relationship

Biggest Reward:

  • Mrs. Dollinger loves to have summers off to spend time with family

How much self motivation is needed?:

"10, You need as much self motivation as you can get because no one is their to look over your shoulder you are teaching on your own."

Mrs. Dollinger

Business and Marketing Teacher