About Me

By: Tristin Collins

Why I chose Sociology

I chose Sociology to learn how society reacts as a whole and why it happens.

Personal Piece

I was born in 1996 and lived my whole life in Texas. My interests include videogames, anime, reading, and tennis. I also like to watch Hockey, Baseball, and Tennis. I used to play hockey and soccer. I also used to take Taekwondo from elementary to 8th grade, and won second and third place at tournaments. I'm currently on the varsity team for Byron Nelson and the president of anime club. I also work at the new Dairy Queen by Walmart.

What I like about B.N.A

One thing I like about Byron Nelson high Acadamey are the clubs. The school has a wide variety of clubs, so there is something for everyone. The clubs are interesting and help people express what they like to with others that have similar interests.

Who I follow on Twitter and why

I follow SociologyatWork on Twitter because, they post about various topics that get reactions from other people while analyzing some other posts.