Australian Educaction System

Australia's education system is similar to the United States, yet is still different. The Australian education system is one of the best in the world. The education in Australia is better than in the United States and we can learn a lot from them to increase our own education system.


The Australian grading system differes slightly from the United States'. They have grades of A being outstanding and E being limited. Standardized testing is also taken as six topic tests a month. These tests are used to have comparable information with other countries. There discipline, however, can vary from there name written on the board, to suspension or expulsion.

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School day

In Australia their school day hours are from 9am to 3pm. Examples of transportation that they use are busses that are provided by the government, trains, trams, trollies, and ferries. The required classes and classes offered include, English, Mathematics, Studies of the the society and the enviroment, Science, Arts, Languages other than English (LOTE), technology, health and physical education. There are 200 days of school each year.

21st century skills and co-curricular activities.

They also have 21st century skills they teach them by example high expectations and positive behavior. They also have Co-Curricular activities that include public speaking, sports, and camps that focus on your individual talents. These activities are provided by the schools. They have about a hour of homework each night, while at a high school. Every classroom is equipped with computers and internet access.

Cost of schooling and drop out rates

They have public school just like almost every other country they are government funded. But private schools can cost up to 30,000 dollars and Catholic can cost toward 10,000 dollars and those are depending on what grade you are in. The avarage class size in Australia as around 30 children. The dropout rate for Australia is 25%. The teachers must at least have a bachelors degree.

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In Conclusion

The education is Australia is truly spectacular. The grading system is a little bit different as well as most of the topics. Although they are different they are very closely related to our system. Some of the topics are the same, such as, Co-Circculars are provided by the school and we take standardized tests.