The Cheetah and The Sloth

A Fable By: Brianna Duty

One day, Sally the Sloth was frosting cupcakes in her bakery, Slow with Sprinkles, when all of the sudden, Carl the Cheetah, the owner of Fast with Frosting, burst in the door. He was panting hard.

"I....I challenge... I challenge you," he panted heavily. For a cheetah, he sure didn't have much stamina! Then, he caught his breath. "I challenge you to a frosting contest! Some fellows down at my bakery claimed you were as good as me, so I am here to prove them wrong. Are you up for a challenge?"

Sally accepted. Then she asked, "How will this work?"

"It's quite simple," Carl began, "We will both frost as many cupcakes as possible within one hour. Then, we will have Fiona the Fox judge our cupcakes. One good cupcake equals one point. Whoever has the most points wins!"

"Alright then. I will see you at noon!" she declared, and with that, Carl bolted out the door and back to his bakery.

Then, at noon, just like they had said, they met outside near the edge of the wood. Both had baked 200 cupcakes and had their workers carry them up to the location. Then, Fiona the Fox, the judge for the competition, made her way up the hill with her timer and clipboard. Then, after everything was set, they began. Fiona set the timer and Carl rapidly began filling his piping bag and squashing icing on top of the cupcakes, while Sally filled every one of her piping bags, and slowly wound her icing around a cupcake, one at a time. Time flew by, and each worked furiously, Carl moving to putting a piping bag in each hand, while Sally slowed moved on from each on her cupcakes. When time was up, each slowly stepped back from their stations. Fiona went through both of their lines, inspecting closely. She started with Carl. Carl had finished all but 3 of his cupcakes. Sally finished about half. As Fiona went through his line, Sally noticed that almost every ther one was pushed back, which meant that he didn’t get a point for those. But it made sense, because his line was a mess! Cupcakes were toppling over with too much frosting, and some were barely even covered! Fiona pushed back 98 (Sally counted). Then she moved on to Fiona’s, which were nice and neat. She pushed back all of them! Sally had won! Carl grumbled a congratulations and sulked off, probably to a new town, for he never returned.

Moral: Quality over Quantity, Slow and Steady Wins the Race

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