Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

Learn about the joy of decimals in 10 short minutes.

How multiplying and dividing decimals are useful in the real world.

One example of using multiplying decimals in the real world is when you eat with 7 friends and each of you get a pie for $5.67 and you want to know how much you spent in all you would multiply $5.67 and 7 and get a total of $36.69. An example of dividing decimals in the real world is when you are buying Christmas presents for 9 people and you want to spend a total of $111.57 you would divide $111.57 into 9 parts to find out how much you need to spend on each person. There is many more mays to use it, but all we know is we couldn't live without it.

Steps to multiplying decimals

First, you multiply without lining up the decimals. Next, you count how many numbers are to the right of the decimal and you put the decimal that many numbers to the left of the end of the number.
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Steps to dividing decimals.

The steps to dividing decimals is to put the decimal above the house right above the decimal in the house and just divide normally after you do these things.
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Jordan Kott and Kyle Haddad

We love multiplying and dividing decimals and we hope you do too!